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Liverpool Polo Shirt


Buy a new Liverpool polo shirt today, and get ready to celebrate! With a victory in the first leg of the UEL round of 32, it looks as if the Reds have a very good chance of progressing to the later stages of the football tournament.

Because Liverpool finished in third place in their Champions League group, they were given a bye into the knockout phase for the 2014 2015 Europa League. There, they were drawn against Turkish club, Beskitas.

It's been a bit of an inconsistent season for the wearers of the Liverpool black polo shirt 2014 2015-to the point where no one really knew what to expect from the team going into the UEL. Based on their successful football history alone, the Reds were probably favored to beat their Turkish opponents, but they were going to have to work for it.

And work they did. In a competitive home fixture held on Thursday, February 19th, the Liverpool football got the edge over Besiktas with a 1-0 win. There will still be another leg (this one an away game for Liverpool) before the winner of the round is decided. Right now, it looks as if the Reds are poised to top the Black Eagles from Besiktas.

For the majority of playtime, the fixture looked as if it was headed toward a draw. Fans in the Liverpool polo shirt or home jersey filled the stands at Anfield, but the game remained a scoreless dead heat for the entire first half and most of the second. It wasn't until the 85-minute mark that Mario Balotelli netted a penalty goal to give his side the lead. And since so little time was left in the soccer fixture, Balotelli's goal also gave the Reds the win.

A Rematch

The victory was notable and the match exciting, but you shouldn't start ironing your Liverpool black polo shirt 2014 2015 and making plans for the Europa League finals just yet! Before they can move any further in the football tournament, the Reds will have to face off against the Black Eagles one more time.

This next game, scheduled for Thursday, February 26th, will be played on Turkish territory, with Besiktas enjoying the home field advantage. That might not be a bad thing for the Reds, though, since Liverpool has actually been winning more away games lately than they have home fixtures.

Furthermore, Liverpool will more or less be able to sit back and play defense during the game: if they can win, or hold the Black Eagles to a draw, they will progress to the 16 stage without issue. And since Liverpool hasn't won a UEL title since 2001, they could be ripe for a victory.

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