The Liverpool football club might be in the midst of a disappointing 2014 2015 Premier League season. Indeed, the squad has fallen from last year's runner-up finish to a spot in the lower reaches of the division's top 10. In spite of that fact, the Reds are still outperforming most of their top-flight Liverpool Away Shirt 2014 - 2015English football rivals in at least one area: the FA Cup. With a victory this week over the second-tier squad, Bolton Wanderers, the football club advances to the fifth round of the old and respected tournament. You can root for their continued success in the contest with a brand new Liverpool shirt!

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Liverpool Football Shirt

The 2014 2015 FA Cup

Regardless of which Liverpool shirt or jacket you choose from Soccer Box, you will surely want to have it ready by Valentine's Day, when the Reds will play their next fixture for the 2014 2015 FA Cup. This year's tournament is wide open, too, and Liverpool might have a real chance at winning the trophy. All the more reason to show your support for the soccer team!

Liverpool has now successfully made it through two rounds of this year's tournament-more than can be said for top Premier League squads like Chelsea, Manchester City, Southampton, or Tottenham Hotspur. The club won their first game-an away match against AFC Wimbledon-before tying a fourth round fixture with the Bolton Wanderers.

The scoreless draw with Bolton forced a replay to see which team would progress to the tournament's round of 16. And while Liverpool was favored to win all along, the fact that they hadn't been able to score a victory at home caused some fans to worry that the Reds were at risk for early elimination.

Luckily, the squad acquitted itself quite well in the replay fixture. Players donned the Liverpool away jersey 2014 2015 to take on the Wanderers again, and were able to nab the win they couldn't achieve at home.

The away game was a nail-biter for fans in the Liverpool jersey, though. After a scoreless first half, Bolton got on the board first thanks to a penalty goal. The score remained at 0-1 with only 10 minutes left in regulation time, and it looked as if the Reds were going to lose. But at the 86-minute mark, Raheem Sterling equalized the score, and just five minutes after that midfielder Philippe Correia converted an assist from Jordan Henderson into a game-winning goal.

The 2-1 come-from-behind victory was thrilling by any measure. One moment, it had looked like the wearers of the Liverpool shirt were going to lose their chance at the 2014 2015 FA Cup title. The next minute, they had scored two goals, won an away game, and earned advancement to the next round of the soccer tournament.

The Next Steps

So what's next for Liverpool? And does the football club have any chance of winning this year's FA Cup?

For the round of 16, the Reds will face off against Crystal Palace on Valentine's Day. They will once again wear the Liverpool away jersey 2014 2015 for the fixture, as the game is to be held at Crystal Palace's Selhurst Park.

If Premier League rankings are anything to go by, the Reds should win the away game against Crystal Palace easily. Liverpool is in seventh place on the division standings table, while Crystal is at 13th. However, Palace did beat Liverpool when the two teams played one another in the fall. That loss came in an away fixture for the Reds. Add the fact that Crystal Palace just eliminated Southampton from the 2014 2015 FA Cup, and the Valentine's Day battle between the two teams could end up being more competitive than you might think.

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