Like or dislike Balotelli and the media frenzy that surrounds him Liverpool needed a replacement for Luis Suarez and Mario Balotelli is the man to fill those boots. At Soccer Box we have a full range of Liverpool football kit enabling you to show your support for the team including the Balotelli Liverpool kids home jersey 2014 - 2015 enabling your kids to support the new signing as well as the team.

Liverpool Soccer Kit

A Questionable Bargain?

Last Season Liverpool's performance was outstanding. They charged ahead and made a real challenge for the Premier League title. Many spectators put the performance down to the excellent leadership of manager Brendan Rodgers as well as the goal scoring ability of Luis Suarez. After a biting incident during the World Cup Liverpool made the decision to let Luis Suarez go, they sold him to Barcelona for the staggering fee of £75 million. However, this created the need for a replacement.

On 21st August it was announced that AC Milan had agreed to sell Mario Balotelli to Liverpool for £16 million. This created a lot of discussion and speculation amongst the media and fans. The Liverpool soccer kit is not the first Premier League kit to be worn by Balotelli, he spent several seasons at Manchester City before a falling out with the manager resulted in his departure.

It does seem that Balotelli creates controversy wherever he goes. His professional career started proper at Inter Milan in 2007. When Jose Mourinho took over as coach Balotelli struggled to fit into the side and discipline became problematic. He even appeared on television wearing an AC Milan soccer jersey, this was the final straw that resulted in his departure to Man City.

Balotelli has seemed more settled in his role at AC Milan and his departure was somewhat of a surprise for some fans. The £16 million price tag has also been questioned. Some former players and experts have speculated that a player of his caliber should be worth between £35-45 million, raising the question of why he was sold so cheaply to Liverpool.

No matter the price tag, the fans that are frenetically purchasing the Liverpool kids home jersey, and other team soccer kit and merchandise will want to see him perform. Initial displays from the 24-year old striker have produced a mixed reaction, but teammate and captain Steven Gerrard has been positive that he will be a fantastic fit at Liverpool.

Training and Liverpool Debut

Balotelli could not make his debut during the game at Manchester City as his contract had not been officially ratified. He had to wait until last weekend at White Hart Lane to officially don the Liverpool soccer kit. This gave him a week of vital training to get into the Liverpool philosophy and style of play.

Initial reports and images show Balotelli smiling and confident at the Melwood Training Ground for his first team training sessions. He has had to adapt to a different style of play under the management of Brendan Rodgers but appears to have settled well into the team.

Balotelli made his Liverpool football kit debut against Tottenham Hostpur. The team won 3-0 and put on an impressive performance reminiscent of those of last season. Balotelli did not score but made a strong and influential start that is sure to create demand for the Balotelli Liverpool kids home jersey 2014 - 2015.

Following the match some commentators have criticized the performance of Balotelli. He had 3 shots on goal none of which he converted. However, captain Seven Gerrard has praised his performance.

Gerrard stated that Balotelli had improved with only a week of training, and that under the guidance of Brendan Rodgers he will only flourish and become an influential member of the squad. Gerrard thinks that Balotelli is ready to act in a more mature and considered manner, and that giving him responsibility will only further improve the performance of this dynamic player.