The new line of Liverpool training gear is now available for purchase on Soccer Box. Fans of this storied football club are going to love what the team and its merchandiser, Warrior, have come up with this year. As if the new red and black training jerseys weren't sleek and stylish enough, the new training set also includes the Liverpool black hoodie 2014 2015. This hoodie is a comfortable cotton and polyester sweatshirt that will keep you plenty warm this fall as you cheer for Liverpool from the stands of Anfield Stadium!

Liverpool Training Kit

What Will the New Year Bring?

Undoubtedly, manager Brendan Rodgers is glad to have his players back at Anfield and wearing the Liverpool training kit 2014 for practice sessions. In his two years at Liverpool, Rodgers has done a great job of rebuilding the team.

After a disastrous 2011 2012 season that ended with Liverpool in eighth place on the Premier League table the team's worst finish in nearly two decades Rodgers came aboard. His first year was lukewarm, with a seventh place finish only narrowly elevating the Liverpool football club from the year before. However, in 2013 2014, Rodgers coached Liverpool to a near-victory in the Premier League. Fans are hopeful that, this year, he can bring the team to the top of the Premier League for the first time since its inception.

The Liverpool black hoodie 2014 2015 and the rest of the training gear made by Warrior will all be in constant rotation as the Liverpool team prepares for another year of Premier League challenges. Last year, the team fell narrowly to Manchester City in the final weeks of the season. This year, players and fans will be anxious to avoid a similar fate.

The Loss of a Star

If Liverpool is going to find its way to victory in the Premier League, it will have to do so without the presence of one of its star players of recent years. A new announcement has indicated that striker Luis Suarez will be leaving Liverpool this fall and heading off to Barcelona and the Spanish La Liga for the next stage of his career.

Despite Suarez's recent disgrace for biting a fellow player during a World Cup match against Italy, the 27-year-old Uruguayan football star is an undeniable talent. In just four seasons at Liverpool, Suarez racked up 133 appearances and 82 goals. He was even more successful during his four-year stint at Ajax, with 159 apps and 111 goals.

There is little doubt that Suarez will do well at Barcelona, alongside other global football superstars like Lionel Messi, Xavi Hernandez, and Neymar, and that soccer fans will get over his recent missteps at the World Cup. However, his golden foot and his goal-scoring contributions will also undoubtedly be missed at Anfield.

Still, despite the departure of Suarez, good things await in the upcoming season for the wearers of the Liverpool black hoodie 2014 2015. Liverpool still has its fair share of stars, including captain Steven Gerrard, right back Glen Johnson, and midfielder Jordan Henderson. With the same strong team dynamic that was on display all last year, there is no reason why Liverpool won't be able to perform admirably once more.

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