To celebrate the dawning of Premier League practices, Soccer Box is stocking up on Liverpool football club training gear, like the Liverpool red presentation jacket 2014 2015. The product is a red full zip jacket made by Warrior. It's marked by Liverpool's customary team crest, as well as by the Warrior logo and the logo of sponsors, Garuda Indonesia. The jacket is made from polyester and boasts mesh lining, making it perfect for the warm-ups and practice sessions of a great soccer team in the making.

Liverpool Training Kits

Assessing Old Mistakes

One of the primary thoughts that will undoubtedly be on the minds of virtually every Liverpool player as they throw on their Liverpool training kits and hit the field is just how close their team came to national soccer success last season. By extension, then, many thoughts shall be paid to the pivotal loss against Chelsea and the embarrassing draw against Crystal Palace two matches that together wrecked Liverpool's chances of winning the Premier League for the first time since its early 1990s formation.

The loss against Chelsea at least made sense for Liverpool, as the Chelsea team had been a strong Premier League contender all season. The draw against Crystal Palace made less sense, as Crystal Palace finished in 11th place on the table and had suffered a fairly bad losing streak during the season.

Had Liverpool won the Chelsea match, they would have won the league outright. A win against Crystal Palace, meanwhile, would have resulted in a point tie atop the Premier League table (though Liverpool still would have lost to Manchester City on basis of goal difference). These mathematical scenarios are likely to haunt Liverpool players this summer as they wear the Liverpool red presentation jacket 2014 2015 and train for another year.

Realizing the Dream

As Liverpool players, fans, coaches, and other officials look at the mathematical scenarios that could have resulted in their team winning the Premier League in the spring, they will be doing so for one reason: making sure nothing similar happens in the 2014 2015 season.

Indeed, if the bold red color of the Liverpool red presentation jacket 2014 2015 symbolizes anything, it's the will to win, and the Liverpool football club is certainly hungry for a Premier League victory after coming closer than ever before to that accomplishment.

Looking at the 2014 2015 Season

Liverpool's players will get the chance to make good on last season's immense promise on Saturday, August 16, when Premier League play officially commences all over England. 10 different soccer games will be played on that day, including Liverpool's opening match at Anfield against Southampton. Liverpool lost against Southampton at home last September, but smashed the team 3-0 in a March away match, so what this debut bout will bring is hard to predict.

While the Southampton match will be an exciting one for fans, though, if only because it will break a three-month drought of Liverpool football, all eyes are on the week two match. On Saturday, August 23, Liverpool will face Manchester City in a grudge match to reclaim some of the glory lost when the latter team stole the Premier League title in the spring. Whoever wins the match will be something of an automatic frontrunner for this year's title, so the match is certainly not one to be missed.