On Tuesday, November 25th, the Manchester City football club will play their fourth soccer match in the group stage of the 2014 2015 UEFA Champions League. The game, which will take place at the team's home stadium and which will pit them against Bayern Munich, could be pivotal in determining whether or not they have a shot at playing in the knockout stages of the 2014 2015 UCL. You can bet that the football squad is currently working hard in the Man City training kit or N98 training jacket, hoping for more success than they've seen yet in this group stage.

That's because Manchester City has been struck by bad luck and poor play so far in UCL Group E. In a pack that also includes Bayern Munich, AS Roma, and CSKA Moscow, Man City have been unable to win a single match. Fans are hoping that will change with the two remaining fixtures to be played in 2014. Those fans can show the Sky Blues some much needed support by stopping by Soccer Box today and purchasing a new Manchester City blue N98 jacket 2014 2015, training kit, or blue home kit.

Confusing Performance

Then again, perhaps a lack of fan support is not the problem for Manchester City. After all, the football club has been doing just fine in the 2014 2015 English Premier League, spending most of the season thus far in the top three. Just weeks ago, they beat crosstown rivals, Manchester United, in a thrilling home fixture. Fans looked particularly proud to wear the blue home kit that day.

But while things have been looking good domestically, they've become a mess internationally. Last year, the Sky Blues made it to the UCL Round of 16 before falling to FC Barcelona. This year, it looks like they could bow out of the competition significantly earlier.

The squad's footballers probably realize that, as they wear the Man City training kit and prepare for their two remaining Group E matches. With good training, fan support, and a little bit of luck, perhaps the Sky Blue players could make it to the knockout stages of the 2014 2015 Champions League.

Assessing the Odds

You can provide the fan football support by picking up a new Manchester City blue N98 jacket 2014 2015 at Soccer Box, and you can bet that the soccer team is working on the training program. As far as luck is concerned, though, the Man City lineup will need a few specific things to happen if they hope to progress to the next round of Europe's greatest club football tournament.

As things stand, the Sky Blues are ranked in fourth and last place in the Group E. They have two points in the standings, thanks to a pair of draws against Roma and CSKA Moscow. They've also lost two soccer fixtures so far, one against Moscow and the other against Bayern Munich.

Bayern is in the lead by a mile, with four wins and 12 standings points. The other two clubs are reachable, though, as each has managed one win and one draw for a total of four standings points. However, Man City will need to pass both teams if they are to make it to the next phase of the 2014 2015 Champions League.

If Manchester wins their next two fixtures-which they are undoubtedly hoping for as they practice in the Man City training kit or N98 jacket-they would have eight points in the standings. At this juncture, though, such an outcome seems unlikely. Bayern Munich has been unstoppable so far, and odds are good that they will win their next two matches. If the Sky Blues can force a draw, that would be seen as a victory.

In that case, fans in the Manchester City blue N98 Jacket 2014 2015 should hope for a draw between Moscow and Roma. Since Moscow will likely lose to Munich in December, Man City would then just need to beat Roma to qualify for the knockout stage.

Does Manchester still have hope of progressing in the 2014 2015 UCL? The chances are slim, but yes, they still exist. Root for the club with a new Man City training kit or blue N98 jacket today. Both of these football items are available at Soccer Box.