This year's FA Cup is possibly more wide open than any in history after heavyweight football squads like Manchester City, Chelsea, Southampton, and Tottenham Hotspur were all eliminated from the tournament in the fourth round. Man United was very nearly eliminated as well, when what should Manchester United Kids Home Shirt 2014 - 2015have been an easy win against fourth tier club, Cambridge United, turned into a scoreless draw. However, the team managed to clinch a victory in the replay match with Cambridge, earning a coveted spot in the fifth round. Celebrate the advancement today with a new Man United kit!

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Manchester United Kit

Cambridge United 

It was a proud day to wear the Man United kit, as the Red Devils bested the Cambridge United squad (also known as "The U's") to earn FA Cup advancement. The football fixture, played at home, gave Manchester fans what they expected to see in the first place when the two teams met each other.

After the draw was announced for the fourth round, just about everyone in the sport of football figured that the U's had no chance. Even if Man Utd hasn't been as strong lately as they were a few years ago, they are still a top three club in the Premier League. In other words, even on a bad day, they should be able to take down a soccer club from the fourth tier of English football.

In the first game, though, the U's surprised everyone. They didn't score any goals, but they did disable the Manchester offense enough to force a 0-0 draw. They did it in front of home audiences, too, making for a huge celebratory day in Cambridge.

The tie meant that the two soccer squads would have to face one another again in a replay fixture. This time, the Red Devils would have the home field advantage, but they would also be under a lot of pressure. Louis van Gaal and his club caught a lot of heat for not winning the first game, and fans-whether kids in the Manchester United kids home shirt 2014 2015 or adults in the Nike goalkeeper kit-would surely not respond well to tournament elimination.

Luckily, fans in the Man United kit had no reason to be upset about how things went down in the replay match. The home team dominated the football match from early on, taking the lead with a 25-minute goal by Juan Mata, and never looking back.

Manchester United newcomer, Marcos Rojo, made the lead 2-0 before halftime, converting an assist from Robin van Persie into his first-ever goal with the Red Devils. Fans in the Manchester United kids home shirt 2014 2015 or adult home kit cheered for him as if he were a long-time soccer veteran.

With a two-point lead coming into the second half of the game, the United home squad could relax and loosen up. As long as they played decent defense throughout the last 45 minutes of the match, they would be headed to the round of 16 for the 2014 2015 FA Cup.

Not only did they play good defense, denying Cambridge a single successful scoring drive, but they also increased their lead for good measure. The talented young James Wilson, a 19-year-old striker who first came to Old Trafford last year, delivered a goal at the 73-minute mark to seal his team's victory at 3-0.

Now, Man Utd is off to the fifth round, where they will face third-tier club, Preston North End. Show your support for the Red Devils at that February 16th fixture with a brand new Man United kit from Soccer Box. Whether you are looking for a kids home shirt, a full-sized away kit, a green goalkeeper shirt, or any style of 2014 2015 training kit, you can find it here.