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Man Utd Baby Clothes

Manchester United's Current Position

At the moment, Man Utd is sitting in seventh place on the 2014 2015 Premier League standings table. Football fans should see familiarity in that position: it's where Manchester United finished the year last spring. However, as 2013 2014 was also United's worst performance in England's top football division since 1989 1990, no one will be satisfied for a repeat performance in 2014 2015.

That fact is particularly true given the manager leading the Red Devils this year. Indeed, many fans who stocked up on Man Utd baby clothes, infant vests, and other gear this fall did so specifically because they had faith in Louis van Gaal.

And who wouldn't have faith in Van Gaal? The Dutch manager recently led the Netherlands national football team to a near-Cinderella story performance at the World Cup. The Dutch team exceeded all expectations at the global soccer competition, upsetting frontrunners like Spain and Brazil in some of the most exciting matches of the tournament.

At the moment, though, Man Utd is not really in better position than it was at this point last fall. Parents who bought Manchester United infant vests 2014 2015 or baby clothes for their children have been waiting to see the manager's magic touch take hold. So far, though, the Red Devils this season have looked a lot like they did a year ago. Could it be that Louis van Gaal was not the right fit for Man Utd?

Transfer Rumors

Then again, perhaps Van Gaal is the perfect fit for Manchester, but simply hasn't had the time yet to construct a team line-up that he can really work with. He will look to correct that issue at the mid-season transfer window.

Indeed, rumors are already swirling about which players will be wearing Red Devils clothes for the first time come January. One target is Douglas Coutinho, a 20-year-old footballer who is currently playing as striker for the Brazilian club, Atletico Paranaense. Coutinho has scored seven goals in 25 appearances this season.

Another 20-year-old player who could soon be representing the red and white colors of the Man Utd baby clothes is Memphis Depay. Depay, a winger with Dutch club PSV, played for the Netherlands at the World Cup this summer. After scoring a pair of key goals at the World Cup, as well as 10 points at PSV so far this season (in both league and cup play), Depay is one of the most promising young players in the world.

Both of these transfers would help to flesh out Manchester United's offensive lineup, which has been surprisingly ineffective this year. Many fans dressing their baby children in Manchester United infant vests 2014 2015 love Manchester United scorers like Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie. However, since both soccer stars are on the older side of the lineup, it's clear that Man Utd needs some new blood.

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