Southampton has done remarkably well in the 2014 2015 Premier League so far, staking a claim for a top five slot in week three and not giving it up since. As a result, the club looked like a formidable opponent as Manchester United approached a December 8th away fixture against them. Luckily for United fans, things have been looking up in recent weeks, and the Southampton match was no exception. The Red Devils won the match and moved into the Premier League top three-a fact that could make the young football fans in your life long for a Manchester United kids kit.

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Man Utd Kids Shirt

Picking up after a Slow Start

Things didn't start off terribly strong for the Man Utd squad in the 2014 2015 season. In the first 10 weeks of play, the team only won three matches, losing three others and drawing the rest.

After the team's dismal 2013 2014 run, when they fell all the way to seventh place on the Premier League table, the slow and mediocre season opening wasn't welcomed by supporters. There were still young fans in the Manchester United shirt kit excitedly awaiting fixtures. But for the most part, Man Utd followers were shaking their heads and wondering whether Louis van Gaal, the club's new manager, had been the right choice.

Then, in week 11 of 2014 2015 Premier League play, things just turned around. A 1-0 home win against Crystal Palace-United's first domestic victory in a month-seemed to spur the team to action. Fast forward a month into the future, and the Manchester squad has now won five fixtures in a row-just in time to make the Man Utd youth away kit 2014 2015 an in-demand holiday gift!

The Southampton Victory 

The win against Southampton is Man Utd's most significant moment of the 2014 2015 season so far, for numerous reasons. For one thing, Southampton's Saints were in third place on the table prior to the match against the Red Devils. That makes them the highest-ranked club that United has taken down this season, as they drew with Chelsea and lost to Manchester City-the top two teams in the division.

Secondly, the win against the Saints puts Manchester United in third place on the standings table-their highest position yet this fall. In fact, the squad's current top-three slot is Man Utd's highest Premier League position since the very beginning of the 2013 2014 season. The club was in the lead after a 4-1 win during week one last year, but quickly tumbled down the table. They ultimately spent most of the year in the sixth, seventh, eighth, or ninth place slots.

Needless to say, all of this information has made fans very excited. From youth supporters in the Manchester United kids kit to adult fanatics in the 2014 2015 away kit, Man Utd lovers are wondering if their club is ready to return to former levels of domination. After all, prior to last year's downfall, the team had been a perennial Premier League frontrunner.

Robin van Persie is the man to thank for the changing tides. The Dutch football star scored a brace of goals to lead Manchester United to the 2-1 away win against Southampton. His goals-at the 12 and 71-minute marks, respectively-gave fans in the Man Utd youth away kit 2014 2015 reason to believe that their club could contend for another division title this year.

Could Man Utd be pushing toward a potential win? Only time will tell. The squad still has some ground to make up against both Manchester City and Chelsea before overtaking either team will be possible. However, after five consecutive victories, Manchester United is finally on the right track again.

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