Manchester United will have to wait another year for a chance of winning a 12th FA Cup title. Last week, the club lost a quarterfinal fixture against Arsenal, a heartbreaking defeat that will cost the Red Devils a chance to break the record for most titles in the old and prestigious soccer tournament. However, the football club still has a shot at the 2014 2015 Premier League title, and you can show your support for them today with a new set of Man Utd kits from Soccer Box.

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Fans in the Man Utd kits were left heartbroken, when the quarterfinals for the 2014 2015 FA Cup left them down and out in a home match against Arsenal. The Red Devils lost the soccer fixture 1-2, with Captain Wayne Rooney contributing the squad's lone goal.

The loss leaves Manchester United as the latest high-profile Premier League football club to exit the Football Association tournament. They follow Chelsea, Man City, Tottenham Hotspur, and Southampton-all of which were eliminated in the round of 32.

In other words, the wearers of the Manchester United away shirt 2014 2015 are in good company for teams that bowed out of this year's FA Cup early. What makes the exit such a disappointment, though, is that it will preclude Man Utd from shooting for the 12-title record this year. Arsenal, meanwhile, is shooting for the same record, and just might break it with a second-consecutive victory in the tournament.

Of course, the Red Devils have been shooting for that record for a decade now. They set the current record of 11 titles all the way back in 2003 2004, beating Millwall FC to secure the achievement.

Since then, they've come close to winning a 12th trophy a few times. In 2005 and 2007, they finished the tournament as runners-up, losing close championship matches with Arsenal and Chelsea, respectively. Meanwhile, 2009 and 2011 saw the team making it to the semifinals, but not quite having enough gas left in the tank to reach the finals.

The 2014 2015 Season: Solid or Disappointing

The FA Cup exit underlines a few questions that fans in the Man Utd kits have been asking for months: has the 2014 2015 season been a solid one for Manchester, or has it been a disappointment. That's a tough question to answer, because in several ways, it's been both.

Overall, 2014 2015 has been a big improvement over last season. Man Utd's 2013 2014 run was disastrous, resulting in a seventh place finish in the Premier League, a round of 16 exit from the Champions League, and a third round defeat in the FA Cup.

This year, fans have had many more reasons to be proud of wearing the Manchester United away shirt 2014 2015. Coach Louis van Gaal has pushed the club to a fourth place slot on the regular season standings table-a position that could be bettered in the two months that still remain. And while Man Utd didn't even get to partake in the Champions or Europa Leagues for 2014 2015, their Football Association tournament performance was at least a substantial improvement over last year's.

Still, Man Utd has a long way to go before they will be back to the dominant position they occupied in English football just a few years ago. From the looks of it, Louis Van Gaal has at least earned himself another year to continue his work with the team. However, decisions on that front won't be finalized until we see where the Red Devils finish on the Premier League table.

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