Now, though, the Red Devils are back in the running for the 2014 2015 football title-at least according to most football analysts. The return to good favor among English soccer fans has not been driven by Man Utd's climb to the top of the league table. On the contrary, the club will need a few more weeks and considerable time in their training jacket to recover from its early season drought of wins. However, items like the Manchester United blue N98 jacket 2014 2015 are once again popular at Soccer Box thanks to a recent tie that United forced with Chelsea.

Man Utd Training Kit

A Winning Draw

In many ways, the Red Devils managed a "winning draw" with Chelsea, forcing a 1-1 deadlock with the Blues at a recent home match at Old Trafford. And while the phrase "winning draw" may sound like an oxymoron, it isn't one in context of the current 2014 2015 Premier League season.

Leading into the match against Chelsea, most Red Devils fans were donning the Man Utd Nike training kit and other Man Utd gear, ready to pack the stands at Old Trafford. However, despite this show of support, most Man United supporters weren't actually expecting their team to win.

That's because, leading up to the match in question, the Blues had been the holders of a near-perfect record. Other than a tie with Manchester City in September, the club had won all of its matches this season.

The combined factors of Chelsea's great season and Man Utd's middling one had most people assuming the match would lean in favor of the Blues. However, a strong performance from the Red Devils gave soccer fans in the Manchester United blue N98 jacket 2014 2015 a pleasant surprise.

Evenly Matched

If anything, the match proved that Man United and Chelsea are, more or less, equally matched. Of course, the former football squad had a home field advantage with tens of thousands of fans in attendance, wearing their Nike 2014 2015 home kit jerseys. However, from the start of the soccer game to the end of it, both teams went blow for blow in terms of both defense and offense.

Indeed, during the first half of the game, neither squad managed to find the back of the net. However, the first half did clearly show that the Red Devils have been spending some time in the Man Utd Nike training kit lately. The squad managed to keep Chelsea's scoring opportunities to a bare minimum.

The Blues did convert one of those opportunities into a point less than 10 minutes into the second half, thanks to a strike by Didier Drogba. And for a while, it looked as if the Red Devils were going to collect yet another loss despite their time spent training for this soccer match.

However, thanks to a last-minute scoring drive by Robin van Persie (he scored at minute marker 90+4, so clearly the time was expiring), Manchester United managed to hold Chelsea to a tie. Robin van Persie actually took off his Nike soccer kit to celebrate the equalizer. To the Dutch striker, the draw felt like a victory. And indeed, fans in the stands wearing the Manchester United blue N98 jacket 2014 2015 felt the same way.

Does Manchester United's ability to hold the Blues to a draw mean that the football club has a chance at winning the 2014 2015 Premier League-or at very least, of qualifying for next year's Champions League? We will see in the months to come, but you can support the team today by stopping by Soccer Box and picking up a brand new Man Utd training kit. Whether you are looking for an N98 football training jacket or a Nike home kit or away kit, we've got it!