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  1. How to Play Champions League Bingo This Spring

    The Champions League is the biggest and best club football tournament in the world.

    After the winter break, it is scheduled to kick back off again, with Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich all once again looking to lift the trophy. Manchester City are aiming to get their hands on it for the first time, with Chelsea and Liverpool hoping it might kickstart their flagging Premier League season.

    Watching the UEFA Champions League used to be very easy, with bars packed on the night of a big game, and the final drawing people together to cheer on their favourite team. Barcelona football stadiumWhen Spurs lost to Liverpool it drew 11.2m viewers across the UK, but sadly if one of our domestic team were to progress this season, you might have to find new and inventive ways to come together and enjoy it.

    We have already analysed methods of enjoying football in the current pandemic in our recent article ‘Football Based Activities For Social Distancing’, but to drill down a little further, how about setting up a game of Champions League bingo amongst your friends, even for the round of 16 onwards? How would it work, I hear you ask?

    The concept is simple – it is based on the traditional pastime of bingo, but with a few adjustments. Cheeky Bingo explains how there are multiple versions of bingo, including 75-ball and 90-ball. Players are given a card with maybe 20 numbers on, and the balls are also numbered and drawn out at random. The first person to match all the numbers on their card with balls wins.

    The difference with Champions League bingo is you need to come

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  2. How COVID-19 is Impacting the Premier League

    In 2020 the world of football has been greatly impacted by COVID-19 and the restrictions governments have in place. Within this blog post we are going to look into how the Premier League teams, players and fans have been impacted by the restrictions in place. And will also investigate how these changes have impacted the performance of the squads by comparing their season-to-season stats.

    Changes to Scheduling and Spectators

    empty stadium

    The Premier League has seen two seasons in total impacted by the COVID-19 restrictions which lead to an alteration in scheduling as well as spectators. In this section of the article, we are going to look into how these two important elements of the football season have been adjusted accordingly.

    In March 2020 England went into a full lockdown which saw a stay-at-home order in place. This was constantly extended to roughly four months which saw the Premier League matches postponed. However, in July these restrictions were altered so that matches could go ahead but without supporters in the stands. Therefore, the season ended two months later than expected which subsequently meant that 20/21 started later than scheduled to allow for the regular season break.

    In December 2020, the restrictions for spectators were updated for England which saw a handful of supporters allowed back into stadiums under new regulations. Low-risk areas known as Tier 1 were allowed to have 4,000 spectators or operate at 50% capacity (whichever was the lowest figure) and medium risk areas called Tier 2 were allowed 2,000 spectators or 50% capacity (again, whichever was the lowest. Despite this development, high risk areas in Tier 3 are unable to host or attend any matches.

    Starting on the 5th December, here are the first few matches to go ahead with spectators:

    • Chelsea V Leeds
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  3. Footballers to of Played Under Both Klopp and Guardiola

    Recent seasons has seen football managers Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola go head-to-head in the English Premier League, with their clubs Liverpool and Manchester City respectively. Both Klopp and Guardiola are considered within the ranks of best modern-day football managers. There is a small but elite group off footballers that have been lucky enough to play under both of these football management greats. Below we will take a look at both Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola giving a brief history of their management and major successes. We will then go on and look at each of the four players to of played under both managers.

    Jurgen Klopp

    Jurgen Klopp Liverpool manager

    Klopp is a German football manager; he spent most of his playing career at Mainz 05, but it is as a manager that he has made his name in the game. To date he has managed three clubs – as listed below:

    • 2001-2008 – Mainz 05
    • 2008-2015 – Borussia Dortmund
    • 2015-present – Liverpool FC

    Jurgen Klopp is widely regarded as one of the best football managers in the world. He is known for utilising an approach known as ‘Gegenpressing’. Gegenpressing is a high attacking approach to football; in which, when the ball is lost the players immediately attack to regain possession; as opposed to regrouping. Some commentators have described Klopp’s style as ‘heavy metal’.

    Whether you enjoy the attacking style of teams that play under Klopp, there is little to doubt his success. Both in the Bundesliga and Premier League he has made his mark, and as he refines his management approach the stats get more impressive. At Mainz 05 his win rate was 40.4%, increasing to 56% at Borussia Dortmund and currently stands at 60.5% at Liverpoo

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  4. Sergio Agüero V Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

    Through this blog post we are going to look back across the football careers of Agüero and Aubameyang to see how they performed for both club and national squads. While we do this, we will try and identify the strengths and weaknesses of both players. So, if you want to find out more about Agüero and Aubameyang and how their stats compare, then keep on reading.

    aguero 17/18

    Agüero’s 18/19 Premier League Performance

    To begin with, we will investigate the performance of Agüero during the 18/19 Premier League season which he spent wearing the signature sky blue and white Manchester City strip. In the bullet points below we have listed every match in the Premier League season that Agüero scored a goal along with the team it was against. This information in turn allows us to pinpoint any trends in his scoring for that season:

    • 19/08/2018 – 3 goals scored against Huddersfield
    • 22/09/2018 – 1 goal scored against Cardiff City
    • 29/09/2018 – 1 goal scored against Brighton
    • 20/10/2018 – 1 goal scored against Burnley FC
    • 04/11/2018 – 1 goal scored against Southampton
    • 11/11/2018 – 1 goal scored against Manchester United
    • 30/12/2018 – 1 goal scored against Southampton
    • 03/01/2019 – 1 goal scored against Liverpool
    • 29/01/2019 – 1 goal scored against Newcastle United
    • 03/02/2019 – 3 goals scored against Arsenal
    • 10/02/2019 – 3 goals scored against Chelsea (1 Penalty)
    • 27/02/2019 – 1 goal scored against West Ham (Penalty)
    • 30/03/2019 – 1 goal scored against Fulham
    • 28/04/2019 – 1 goal scored against Burnley FC
    • 12/05/2019 – 1 goal scored against Brighton
    • <
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  5. Raheem Sterling V Harry Kane

    Sterling V KaneIn this article we are going to compare these two key strikers in the Premier League who battle it out head to head in the league, as well as alongside one another when they represent their country. Within this post we are going to explore their performance during the 18/19 season along with their history of matches together to try and gauge who is the strongest and who is more consistent with their performance on the pitch. So, if you want to find out more about how Sterling and Kane compare, then keep on reading.

    Raheem Sterling’s 18/19 Performance

    To start off with we are going to look at the performance of Raheem Sterling during the 2018/19 Premier League season. Below we have broken down each match he scored in and against who to see if we can spot any noticeable trends:

    • 12/08/2018 – 1 goal scored against Arsenal
    • 01/09/2018 – 1 goal scored against Newcastle
    • 15/09/2018 – 1 goal scored against Fulham
    • 29/09/2018 – 1 goal scored against Brighton
    • 04/11/2018 – 2 goals scored against Southampton
    • 24/11/2018 – 1 goal scored against West Ham
    • 01/12/2018 – 1 goal scored against Bournemouth
    • 15/12/2018 – 1 goal scored against Everton
    • 20/01/2019 – 1 goal scored against Huddersfield
    • 10/02/2019 – 2 goals scored against Chelsea
    • 09/03/2019 – 3 goals scored against Watford
    • 14/04/2019 – 2 goals scored against Crystal Palace

    As we can see in the breakdown above, Raheem Sterling was considerably strong in matches against Watford, Crystal Palace, Southampton and Chelsea. In all of these matches he had scored more than one goal. Out of the 34 matches he played for Manchester City, Raheem scored 17 goals and 12 assists which helped his squad to win the league again for a second consecutive time.

    In comparis

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  6. Football Cancelled!

    Euro 2020 cancelled, the Premier League football across Europe suspended with no certainty of the season being concluded. Who could have predicted this is the situation we would find ourselves in in twenty-twenty? Of course, in comparison to the global situation the cancellation of some football games isn’t that important. But it does have a wider implication not only for the sport itself, but for the economy, for businesses who rely on football to make a living as well as on the mental health of players, coaches, technical and admin staff as well as supporters around the world.

    How Coronavirus Has Impacted Football

    Massive disruption, and countrywide shut-downs are happening around the world, to prevent further spread of Covid-19. Covid-19 commonly referred to as Coronavirus originated in China in December 2019, has spread to every continent since. Coronavirus is a viral infection, that causes a range of symptoms primarily in the respiratory system that can range from very mild to deadly. The most alarming feature of the virus is the speed of spread and the amount of people being infected globally.

    Governments around the world have taken drastic measures to try to slow the spread of the virus and protect the most vulnerable. In terms of football this has meant suspending leagues, such as the Premier League, La Liga and Bundesliga, European tournaments such as the Champions League are also on hold, and the Euro 2020 tournament has been postponed with a plan in place to reschedule for 2021. It is not just major leagues that are cancelled though, the majority of grassroots football is also suspended with the safety football during the warof participants in mind.

    Life Without Football

    Football has been a consistent part of culture in the United Kingdom, but also around the globe for a

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  7. Raheem Sterling’s Football Career

    Raheem SterlingIn this blog post we are going to look back across the football career of Raheem Sterling and how he transitions from his youth to senior contracts in both the Premier League and internationally. Covering all aspects of his soccer years from performance, transfers and goals, you can find out all about this signature Manchester City player throughout this article.

    Below are the basics of Raheem Sterling’s personal and player profile, if you want to find out more about his football journey, then keep on reading:

    • DOB – 9th December 1994
    • Height – 1.70m
    • Weight – 69kg
    • Nationality – Jamaican
    • Signed – 1st July 2015
    • Position – Forward

    Sterling’s Youth Soccer Career

    Born on the 9th December 1994, Sterling grew up in Jamaica before moving to London when he was only 5 years old. When he emigrated to England, he enrolled in the Copland School in Wembley and also began his soccer career that same year. In 1999 he joined the local youth team called Alpha & Omega where he trained and mastered his soccer skills for four years. After four years with his local youth team he signed with Queens Park Rangers.

    He trained with the Queens Park Rangers youth side for seven years before Liverpool expressed an interest in purchasing him. The initial fee for Sterling’s transfer as a youth was £600,000 with the possibility of it rising to £5m depending on how many appearances he made for the first team.

    Raheem played and trained with the Liverpool youth team for only two years before making his senior debut as a substitute in a match against Wigan Athletic. Sterling was only 17 years old when he made his senior debut, which made him the third youngest player to play for the club in the youth to senior transition process.

    • Alpha & Omega – 1999 to 2003
    • Queens Park Rangers – 2003 to 2010
    • Liverpool – 2010 to 2012
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  8. Manchester’s Teams Go Head to Head

    manchester city vs manchester unitedThis week the two Manchester based football teams go head to head in the Carabao Cup. These two clubs are the closest of rivals as they split allegiance. Within this article we are going to explore the performance of each of the team’s so far within the Carabao Cup tournament as well as their history of head to head matches. With this information we are going to try and predict the outcome of the match which is taking place on the 29th January. So, if you want to find out more about this upcoming match, then keep on reading.

    Manchester United’s Performance

    First, we are going to delve into the performance of Manchester United now. Most well-known for the distinctive red colouring of the Manchester United home shirt, this soccer team has gained the love and support from fans worldwide in recent years. They have had a successful history in English football from the Premier League to the FA Cup and EFL Cup, there is no doubt that their support reaches across the UK.

    Below we have analyzed the results of the past four matches which Manchester United has played so far in the EFL Cup:

    • Manchester United (1) V Manchester City (3)
    • Manchester United (3) V Colchester (0)
    • Manchester United (2) V Chelsea (1)
    • Manchester United (1 +5 penalties) V Rochdale (1 +3 penalties)

    We can see in the breakdown above that their most recent match was against Manchester City where they lost 3-1. And their next schedule is to play City again only three weeks after their previous defeat. Would this short gap between games be what United needs to rally around and build up motivation to beat City or is the loss still too fresh and will impact the squad’s morale during the game? There is only one way for us to find out.

    Other than their match again

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  9. Champions League 2019/20 –Journey to the Group Stages

    The UEFA Champions League is one of the most watched soccer tournaments across Europe as we see the top teams from each league compete to become the ultimate squad. Taking place during the summer of 2019 we saw the qualifying rounds of the 2019/20 season begin and after a short break the competition commenced with the group stages starting on the 17th September and due to end in December ready for the knockout phases to start in early 2020. As the group stages are well underway, we thought we would take a brief look at match day and the qualifiers of this season’s Champions League tournament. So, if you are interested in finding out more about the fixtures then keep on reading.

    Champions League Qualifiers

    The Champions League Qualifiers for 2019/20 started on the 25th June and ended on the 28th August 2019. Within these stages of the football tournament the final qualifying teams were determined for the competition.

    In the first Preliminary round, the champions of the Gibraltar, Andorra, San Marino and Kosovo associations played against one another and the winner was Feronikeli from Kosovo who beat the Lincoln Red Imps 1-0 in the first round and FC Santa Coloma 2-1 in the final.

    After the first few matches of the preliminary round, we saw Feronikeli take on 31 champions from a wide range of associations. Unfortunately, Feronikeli lost out to The New Saints who also joined Nomme Kaljum, Red Star Belgrade, AIK, CFR Cluj, Ferencvaros, Qarabag, Sutjeska Niksic, Celtic, Saburtalo Tbilisi, Valletta, Rosenborg, Maribor, Dundalk, HJK and BATE Borisov with the advancement to the second round.

    The second qualifying round is split into two with two paths available for the Champions League and the Europa League. Via the Champions League path, we saw the 16 winners from the first qualifying round face the 4 champions from Croatia, Denmark, Israel and Cyprus. But for the Europa League path we saw the 4 runners u

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  10. A Christmas Gift Guide for Manchester City Fans

    It’s that time of year again where you are on the hunt for the must-have Christmas gifts for your friends and family. If you are struggling for ideas for the Manchester City supporter in your life, then you are in the right place. Within this article we will take a look at the best presents for fans of all ages. Covering a range of price budgets, you are sure to find the perfect gift here today! Here is a list of the budgets these products have been broken up into:

    1. Man City Gifts Under £10
    2. MCFC Presents Less than £30
    3. Manchester City Merchandise Over £30

    Man City Gifts Under £10Gift Guide Manchester City Under 10

    If you are looking for stocking filler gifts or add-ons to a main present, our selection of souvenirs which are under £10 will be perfect. From upgrading their home essentials such as mugs, alarm clocks, pint glasses etc to training accessories like golf and skills balls, they can all be purchased online at Soccer Box.

    • Street Sign
    • Beanie Bear
    • Mini Bar Pack
    • Golf Balls
    • Wallet
    • Baby Bodysuits
    • Alarm Clock
    • Baby Bib Set
    • Pack of Disposable Razors
    • Kids Pyjamas
    • Pint Glass
    • Tie
    • Skills Ball Size 1
    • Air Freshener
    • Scarf
    • Mug

    MCFC Presents Less than £30Gift Guide Manchester City Under 30

    The next budget up is gifts which are less than £30. Within this price range you can purchase the official replica shorts and socks from the

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