At the beginning of the 2014 2015 Premier League, it looked like reigning division champions, Manchester City, might have lost their mojo. Of their first five matches, the club won two, drew two, and lost one. The record wasn't terrible, and only dropped the team into sixth place on the division Manchester City Home Shirt 2014 - 2015standings table. However, it was enough to have fans in the Manchester City kit questioning what kind of a season they were going to get in 2014 2015.

Things have turned around since then, though, giving supporters of the Sky Blues more than a few reasons to be proud. Of the eight Premier League football matches the team has played since the beginning of November, they've won seven. In fact, after a victory against Crystal Palace on Saturday, December 20th, Man City's domestic winning streak is six games strong. Celebrate that fact by picking up a new club kit at Soccer Box today, like the elegant light blue Man City home shirt 2014 2015 from Nike.

The Streak

It's a perfect time to grab a Manchester City kit, considering how the Sky Blues are slowly encroaching upon the first place slot that Chelsea has held since the first week of competition. The two football teams have very similar records at the moment: Man City has 12 wins; three draws, and two losses, while Chelsea has 12 wins, two draws, and one loss.

However, Chelsea FC's record has not been quite as spotless as of late. Since the beginning of November, the squad lost their first match of the 2014 2015 and drew another. And since then Manchester has had only wins in that period, they've shaved five standings points off the lead of their rivals from Stamford Bridge.

Arguably no other Premier League soccer team has been as successful over the past month and a half as the Sky Blues. Footballers have seen equal success wearing the Man City home shirt 2014 2015 or Nike away shirt. In fact, the squad has been more successful at away games, achieving both high goal counts (a 4-1 win over Sunderland) and victories over challenging opponents (Southampton) away from home.

The Crystal Palace Match

Not that Manchester City hasn't been playing World Class football in front of home crowds as well. On the contrary, they've won three fixtures at Etihad Stadium over the past month and a half, including this past weekend's big 3-0 triumph against Crystal Palace.

Crystal palace was never going to be much of a threat to Man City. The football club has only won three matches this fall and is currently just outside of relegation range on the 2014 2015 standings table.

As a result, the fixture ended up being a Christmas party of sorts for fans in the Manchester City kit. Not only was it the football team's last game before the holiday, but it was also a home match, which meant that fans were feeling particularly celebratory.

The ringleader of the game's party atmosphere was David Villa, who led the way for the Sky Blues with a brace of goals. After a scoreless first half, Villa finally got things going with a goal at the 49-minute mark. He scored again just 12 minutes later, and from there on, the momentum was on the home side. Yaya Toure netted a third goal at the 81-minute mark, giving the soccer game an appropriately powerful conclusion.

Easy Match-ups?

It would be silly not to praise the wearers of the Man City home shirt 2014 2015 for their now-lengthy winning streak. However, some have questioned whether or not the club's success has been a product of an easy patch of match-ups.

Indeed, the Sky Blues have only faced one top five 2014 2015 Premier League team in the past six weeks: Southampton. Out of the top 10, they've also beaten Everton and Swansea. Their other three challengers, though, were from the lower half of the standings table.

With games against Everton, Arsenal, and Chelsea all on the schedule for the first month of the New Year, will Man City be able to continue their streak? We will find out in 2015. Until then, you can celebrate the club's recent success with a new Manchester City kit (or two) from Soccer Box. Whether you are looking for a home shirt, an away kit, a training shirt or a goalkeeper kit, you can find it here.