In recent weeks, the Manchester City football club has oscillated between a second and third place ranking in the current English Premier League standings. However, with the top three teams in the league only separated by four or five points, this season is one of the most wide open in Premier League history, and fans could yet see their 2013 2014 Manchester City football jersey become the uniform of a national championship team.

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Manchester City Fights for Top Spot in Premier League

Undoubtedly, fans will want to wear their Manchester City gear at all times if the team manages to pull out a victory in this year's highly competitive Premier League field. Currently, Manchester City has 80 points and is sitting in second place in the standings. Liverpool and Chelsea are firmly in contention, with 81 points and 79 points each, respectively.

However, none of those numbers are set in stone. Just a few matches could entirely mix things up and change the outlook for the rest of the season. Soccer prognosticators have been calling this year's season one of the most wide-open and competitive in the Premier League's history, and with every win, loss, and draw threatening to completely upend the current standings, that statement is undoubtedly true.

Interestingly, the team that has dominated the Premier League for the past two decades is not in the running for this season. Manchester United claimed the Premier League title in 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, and 2013. Needless to say, Manchester United is a dynasty of English football the likes of which is only rarely seen.

However, Manchester United has struggled to defend its title this year, losing 12 matches and drawing another six. Those statistics have landed Man United nearly 20 points out of first place, meaning that another team will be taking the Premier League crown this year. Fans, of course, are hoping that the winner will be bedecked in the Manchester City home jersey 2013 2014.

Seasonal Disappointment

Despite the fact that Manchester City is making a play to win the Premier League, the team's season has not been without its hiccups. In addition to a handful of losses in Premier League matches, Manchester City was eliminated from UEFA Champion's League contention after losing to Barcelona in the round of 16.

There has also been controversy surrounding Manchester City's run in the Champion's League. The UEFA has accused the club of breaching its Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules, a charge brought on by the fact that Man City has spent a billion pounds to acquire new players over the past three years. Currently it seems that the punishment will be a wage-cap and £49m fine, which may affect the clubs performance next season.

Still, despite the trouble that may be on the way for Manchester City next year, the team's current position in the Premier League is too exciting to ignore. So if you are looking for a Manchester City football jersey to help you cheer the team in to first place, head to Soccer Box today.