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Manchester City Home Kit

Manchester United's Rise from Complacency

Right now is a hugely celebratory time for the Manchester City soccer club. After all, the team just clinched its second Premier League trophy in just three years. However, for a long time, the team seemed complacent to languish in the "almost" category of England's soccer teams.

Indeed, for 44 years, the Manchester City home kit went without so much as the decoration of a league title. The Man City team was never much of a dominating force in England's league system, neither when it was known as the "Football League First Division," nor after it became the Premier League in 1992.

Despite this fact, Manchester City did have a few league titles from back in the day one from the 1936 1937 season and one from 1967 1968. After those two winning seasons, though as well as runner-up finish in the late 1970s Man City seemed to fall out of favor with the soccer gods.

It wasn't until 2010 43 years after its last title that Manchester City showed signs of life. A third place Premier League finish in 2010 2011 gave way to the first title victory City had claimed in the better part of half a century.

That win came narrowly, though. In one of the closest finishes in the history of the league, Manchester City and their crosstown rivals, Manchester United, ended the season with an identical Premier League record: 28 wins, 5 draws, and 5 losses. Manchester City ultimately won the title on goal difference also a first for the Premier League.

The 2013 2014 Season: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

When Manchester City won the Premier League title in 2011 2012, it did so after a contentious season-long battle with Manchester United. The following year, United came back with a vengeance, defeating Manchester City and every other team on the table by more than 10 points.

This year, though, things were different. Manchester United faltered, and the Manchester City home jersey 2013 2014 was not the symbol at the top of the Premier League standings for the vast majority of the season. That title belonged instead to the Liverpool football club, which, in a breakout year, won 26 games, drew 6, and lost 6.

With Manchester United out of the picture, it looked as if this would finally be the year to see a Liverpool win. The team, one of the dominating forces of the Football League First Division, has yet to claim a Premier League title. However, when the team choked down the home stretch, Manchester City was there to pick up the pieces, winning its final two matches to establish a record of 27-5-6 and win the Premier League by two points.

Now, the Manchester City home jersey 2013 2014 is a mark of yet another Premier League victory for the team albeit, another slight one and fans couldn't be happier. Will Man City defend the title in 2014 2015? We'll have to wait to find out.

In the interim, though, you can head over to Soccer Box and pick out a Manchester City home kit or two to cheer the team on next season. Act quickly: this season's shirts are on sale, but will probably sell quickly thanks to the Premier League attention.