Last season, after one of the most competitive seasons in the history of the English Premier League, Manchester City football club edged out competitors such as Liverpool and Chelsea to claim the title. This season, Man City is looking to repeat the feat, and you can support their efforts today by buying the new Manchester City Nike training kit at Soccer Box!

Manchester City has nowhere near as many national championship titles as crosstown rivals, Manchester United. However, Man City has won the Premier League title during two of the last three seasons-a fact that has made them one of the most popular teams in England.

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The Current Season at a Glance

A Premier League title this year would firmly cement Manchester City as England's best soccer team of the current decade. However, Man City has had somewhat of a mixed bag season thus far, begging the question of whether or not the football team will be a factor in one the top slots come next May.

Right now at least, the Manchester City Nike training kit is hanging around near the top of the Premier League standings. After six weeks of play, Man City is in third place, with a current record of 3 wins, 2 draws, and 1 loss.

Considering the current status of many of the teams in the Premier League, Man City's record is a good one. Several of last year's top placers, including Liverpool and Everton, are sitting in the lower reaches of the Premier League standings, having lost several games each. Manchester United, meanwhile, is still rebuilding from a disastrous performance in 2013 2014.


Man City's season began well enough. After a 2-0 away win against Newcastle United, the team thrilled home crowds with a stunning 3-1 victory against Liverpool.

Fans packed into the City of Manchester Stadium bleachers to cheer on the reigning Premier League victors in the first home game of the season. From home jerseys to the Manchester City blue hoodie 2014 2015, the stadium was a collage of Man City gear and abundant spirit.

Needless to say, not a single fan in the crowd was disappointed by the outcome of the match. Man City bested Liverpool en route to Premier League victory last season, and the same happened at this particular match. Two of Manchester City's three goals were scored by forward Stevan Jovetic, suggesting that the 24-year-old forward may be ready to take on a starring role within the team.

A Winless Streak

Unfortunately, the rousing victory against Liverpool didn't mark the start of an undefeated season for Manchester City. Instead, it was the club's last big victory before a three-week losing streak in the Premier League.

In the weeks following the Liverpool match, Man City played Stoke City, Arsenal, and Chelsea, and won none of the matches. Surprisingly, the only loss came against Stoke City, a club that ended the 2013 2014 Premier League in ninth place. The Arsenal and Chelsea matches, meanwhile, were draws.

What it Means

On one hand, the losing streak was a disappointing turn of events for fans. After all, in buying the Manchester City blue hoodie 2014 2015, fans were undoubtedly hoping they were supporting a squad that was going to win a lot of matches.

However, the three-week dearth of wins doesn't preclude Manchester City from a successful season. Sure, the Stoke City loss was surprising, but it could very well have just been a fluke or off day for the Man City football squad. The Arsenal and Chelsea matches, meanwhile, were two fixtures that were always going to be challenging for Man City. And considering the fact that Chelsea has won every match it has played this year except for the Man City game, it's still appropriate to call Manchester City a Premier League frontrunner.

A recent win against 4-2 Hull City has Man City back on the right track. Will the team be able to win more matches going forward? If you think so, stop by Soccer Box today and pick up a new Manchester City Nike training kit for the current season!