For many decades, the only Manchester City jerseys you would see in the entire world would be in Manchester. With their cross-town rivals, Manchester United, dominating the EPL and becoming a world recognized brand, City was in the shadows.

Umbro used to be the kit sponsors for Manchester City, but as the club started to move onto a different level of success, they signed a new deal with Nike soccer. The move meant that all merchandise and accessories now come under the Nike brand, and Manchester City Umbro jerseys are now retro memorabilia.

As Manchester United became the most successful English club there had ever been during the 1990s and 2000s, Manchester City was nowhere to be found. Always the "plucky" losers, at one time City had been relegated to the third division of English soccer.

Manchester United was successful both on and off the pitch, with commercial ties and fans wearing the jersey across the globe. Manchester City could only dream of such success as they struggled to climb back up to the EPL.

Fans still came out to show their support in thousands, all wearing replica Manchester City jerseys from the local club shop and singing their hearts out. It is this strong, local brand that the club still tries to promote during times of success.

After returning to the EPL, they became a stable club with a brand new stadium, which they moved into after the Commonwealth Games in 2002. The surprise came in 2008 when they were purchased by Sheikh Mansour of the Abu Dhabi Group. The 6 years since have been ever more successful both on and off the pitch.

For so long, the fans of Manchester City could not see a future where star players joined their roster, and they played in elite European competition. Now they compete on a level playing field with the giants of world soccer, season after season. The Manchester City shirt is now worn with extreme pride, both in and outside of the city.

The aim is for the club to become a powerhouse of English and European football, much like their neighbors have been in recent decades. It started well, with an FA Cup win and EPL Championship win in the last three seasons. The next step is to take on Europe and win.

Their head coach, Manuel Pellegrini, was brought in to take them to the next level and this season he has done that. In the EPL, City has pushed to new levels of attacking soccer play. They are on course to beat their record for goals scored in a single season and are challenging for the title again.

In Europe this season Manchester City jerseys were finally worn after the fall. For two seasons they were knocked out in the group phase, but Pellegrini has finally taken them to the next step. This week they played Barcelona in the first-knockout round and lost the first match 0-2.

Although they might not beat Barcelona this season over two matches, Manchester City is making clear strides forward to become a power in world soccer. What makes it even better for the fans wearing the sky blue shirts of City is that their fiercest rivals are having the worst season imaginable.

Fans of Manchester United would have worn the replica kits with pride in the past. After legendary manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, was replaced with David Moyes, a period of transition was expected. This season has been much worse with the team 7th in the league standings and not performing anywhere near their high standards.

Manchester City plays with a high intensity and attacking intent that soccer fans love to see. They are on course to become the first-ever English club to win all three English trophies in one season. Don't get left behind by the trend setters, visit our online store and shop for Manchester city kits that are a sign of success.

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