The past month or so has been borderline disastrous for the Manchester City football club. Not only have they lost ground in the Premier League, thanks to losses against Liverpool and Burnley, but they were also thoroughly outplayed in the Champions League round of 16. Now that they've been eliminated from the UCL tournament, though-at the hands of a menacing FC Barcelona squad-the Sky Blues seem to be finding their footing once more. On Saturday, March 21st, they won big in a home fixture with West Bromwich Albion, working to defend their second place slot on the 2014 2015 Premier League table. Celebrate the victory, with a brand new Manchester City third jersey from the Soccer Box store.

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The Rough Patch

Ever since the beginning of the New Year, MCFC has seemed to be traveling through a rough patch. From an early FA Cup elimination, to a series of draws with teams that they could and should have beaten (such as Everton and Hull City), it's been a hit-or-miss run for the team in the Manchester City third jersey.

Things seemed to take a turn for the better in mid-February, when Manchester won big in fixtures against Stoke (4-1) and Newcastle (5-0). But the month ended poorly, with the Sky Blues losing the home leg of the Champions League 16 round against Barcelona.

When the club returned to the Premier League on March 1st, they were quickly dealt a loss-this one by Liverpool FC. Since then, they've oscillated between good weeks (a 2-0 home victory over Leicester City) and bad weeks (a March 14th shutout at the hands of Burnley). When the Sky Blues lost another UCL match to Barcelona this past week, ending their run in the prestigious UEFA tournament, many wondered if the club's momentum was going to continue to suffer.

West Bromwich Albion

Luckily, the wearers of the Manchester City third shirt 2014 2015 have followed up their Champions League disappointment not with a total collapse, but with a redemptive performance. The club bounced back on Saturday, beating West Bromwich Albion 3-0 in a home game.

The victory was not only the biggest win that the Sky Blues have achieved since their late February trouncing of Newcastle United, but it's also a win that they truly needed right now. Fans in the Manchester City third jersey necessitated a pick-me-up after the early UCL elimination, and Man City had to hold strong in the Premier League in order to hold onto their second place slot.

After all, Arsenal has been creeping up on Man City's table standings position for a few weeks. If Manchester had lost the West Bromwich Albion match, then the Gunners would have had a golden opportunity to sweep into the runner-up position.

With clutch performances by Wilfried Bony, Fernando, and David Silva, though, the Sky Blues reaffirmed their status as a contender for the 2014 2015 Premier League title. The three did the Manchester City third shirt 2014 2015 proud, with Bony and Fernando netting goals to put the home side up 2-0 at halftime, and Silva coming in late in the game to provide one last scoring boost.

The win moves Man City to 61 points in the Premier League standings, and +34 in goal difference. Chelsea is two games ahead, with 67 points and +36 in goal difference. Arsenal, meanwhile, remains one point behind in the standings and seven points back in terms of goal difference.

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