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Manchester United Baby Kit


Premier League History and Current Season Troubles

In most years, purchasing a Manchester United baby kit (or any other Man United team merchandise, for that matter) would be purchasing the wares of a title-winning team. But while Manchester United can still coast on the strength of its previous glories, the 2013 2014 season has sadly not brought a host of new glories to the team's trophy case.

Perhaps the biggest disappointment this season has been the team's performance in England's Premier League. Normally, Manchester United would be an automatic contender for the seasonal title in England's most competitive sports league.

After all, since the Premier League was first formed in the 1992 1993 season, Manchester United has led the league on 13 separate occasion, the most recent of those title victories coming last year for the 2012 2013 season. Needless to say, the Manchester United 1878 baby boys jog suit has been a popular product at Soccer Box because the team it is designed after has proven to be such a dominating force in football.

Even prior to the formation of the Premier League, though, Manchester United was a winner. In the Football League First Division the league that predated the Premier League in English professional football the team clinched another seven national titles, bringing its grand total to 20.

20 league titles is a lot for any one team to have. In England, the next highest take is held by Liverpool, with 18. Incidentally, Liverpool is also leading the standings in this year's Premier League, though many football prognosticators are giving betting odds to United's close neighbors, Manchester City, to become the 2013 2014 title winners.

As for Manchester United, the team is all but out of the running for this year's Premier League. With nearly a dozen losses under its belt this season, Manchester United has fallen all the way down to seventh place in the standings. For a team that is normally in the top three (if not ranked number one), that fact has to come as quite a disappointment.

Fan Support Continues

But fans don't just love Manchester United when it is doing well. On the contrary, the team has earned the support, loyalty, and allegiance of its fans over the years like almost no other team in all of English sports. From the Manchester United 1878 baby boys jog suit to adult home jerseys, the team's kits remain a common site in England even in a disappointing season.

It hasn't all been disappointing. On the contrary, parents strapped their children into the Manchester United baby kit to see the team compete in the UEFA Champions League, where it battled its way into the quarterfinals with strong play in the group stage and in the round of 16.

Manchester United was ultimately knocked out of the Champions League tournament by defending champions Bayern Munich, but its defeat didn't come easily. On the contrary, Manchester United held Bayern to a draw in the first leg and fought hard in a contentious second leg match that ended in a 1-3 loss.

Still, there's always next year, and if Manchester United has shown anything, it's that one year out of the winner's circle doesn't count as a decline. So get your entire family suited up in team gear today, taking care not to forget the Manchester United baby kit for your little one!