Wayne Rooney is a professional soccer player. He currently plays for English Premier League football club Manchester United. He has been with the club for the last 10 years and is one of their most popular players. However, in recent years there has been much speculation of whether he will remain with the club. He trains hard in the Manchester United training kit and works hard during every match but rumors of his desire to move on are rife.

Manchester United is the most popular football club in the world. It is estimated that worldwide they have up to 333 million fans. They are the current Premier League Champions and Rooney has had a pivotal role in the team's success over the last decade. The team's soccer kits are the best selling Nike football kit. You can shop for your Manchester United shirt or the Manchester United training kit at Soccer Box now.

Nike manufactures the Manchester United soccer kit. The team's collaboration with Nike began in 2002 and is due to expire in 2015. The club is currently trying to renegotiate terms with Nike that is likely to be the largest soccer kit deal ever to be agreed. Nike manufactures the match day soccer jerseys and a fantastic training kit range including a Manchester United tracksuit.

Wayne Rooney and his teammates wear the Manchester United tracksuit and other training kit items for all of their training sessions, pre-match warm-ups and travelling. Rooney has had a successful career at Manchester United that has included 5 Premier League trophies and 1 UEFA Champions League trophy among other items. However, the last year has been turbulent for both the club and Rooney.

Last season Manchester United won their 20th top-flight league trophy. This was their 13th league trophy since 1993, all won under the management of Alex Ferguson. Up until last season Rooney was the star of the team and had a strong partnership with Ferguson. However, during his last season in charge their relationship deteriorated, and Rooney spent more time wearing the Manchester United training kit, than being a 1st team choice.

At the end of last season Ferguson announced his plans to retire from soccer management. David Moyes, former Everton manager, was chosen as his replacement. Prior to joining Manchester United Rooney was an Everton player under Moyes's management. This season his good relationship with Moyes has seen Rooney in the starting lineup during most matches, when he has not been injured.

However, for David Moyes his 1st season as Manchester United manager has not gone to plan.  The 2013 - 2014 season has been the worst to date for Manchester United. They are currently sitting in the middle of the Premier League table, and facing the prospect of not qualifying for European soccer next season. Rooney has recovered from injury and is back in his Manchester United training kit.

Wayne Rooney has been afforded an elevated position of importance within the squad under Moyes's management. He is being consulted and kept informed of decisions regarding team lineups, and incoming and outgoing players. Despite this there is still much discussion over his future and whether he will be wearing the Manchester United training kit next season. Rooney has to date failed to renew his contract that is due to expire.

Some media reports have suggested that Chelsea is extremely interested in signing Wayne Rooney during this summers transfer window. It is rumored that Moyes is making it a priority to agree new terms with Rooney and keep him in his side. It is thought that a new agreement would make him the best-paid player to wear the Manchester United training kit. If they can agree a new £300,000 per week contract he will be the top paid player in the Premier League.

The Manchester United captain Nemanja Vidic has already announced he will be leaving in the summer, and rumors are circulating that Rio Ferdinand will also be leaving. It is imperative to Moyes that he keeps Rooney in the team. He will certainly remain in the squad and be training in the Manchester United tracksuit for the remainder of this season.

The team and fans are keen to get the Red Devils back on track as soon as possible. An assurance of Rooney's commitment, and large kit deal to allow some big name signings will go a long way toward that.