In Slovenia, NK Maribor hold an enviable status among the country's football clubs. Along with Celje and Gorica, Maribor are one of the only three teams in the country that have never been relegated from the top-flight soccer division. The top-flight league, the Slovenian First Football League (abbreviated to 1. SNL in the country's native tongue) has been in operation since 1991. Find out about this club's successful history and keep reading this NK Maribor team profile.

A Tradition of Dominance

Maribor have not just tallied 24 seasons in the 1. SNL but are also the league's most successful soccer club. Indeed, Maribor (commonly nicknamed "the Purples" or "the Violets") have taken first place in the Slovenian First Football League 13 times. They've come in second place on four additional occasions and have finished third three times. The final tally? Of the 24 Slovenian First Football League seasons that the Violets have

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