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Lionel Messi Soccer Jersey

The Legacy of Lionel Messi

The appeal of the Lionel Messi soccer jersey is self-explanatory, of course. Since joining the professional Barcelona squad in 2004 and the Argentina national team in 2005, he has made quite an argument for himself as one of the greatest forwards in the history of the game. With Barcelona alone, he has scored 243 goals. He helped lead the team to three UEFA Champions League victories (in 2006, 2009, and 2011) and was the top scorer in the Champions League tournament for four consecutive years even when his team didn't win.

Messi's accomplishments are no less impressive in his international career. With Argentina, he's scored 37 goals though that total will undoubtedly climb as Argentina contends for the World Cup this summer in Brazil. In 2006, he joined Argentina for his first World Cup, scoring a goal to become that tournament's youngest goal scorer (he was 19) and one of the 10 youngest scorers in the history of the tournament.

In 2008, Messi once again joined the Argentina national team, this time for the Summer Olympics, and left with a gold medal. And in 2010, he played an even bigger role for Argentina's World Cup campaign than he had in 2006, scoring and assisting in many goals, seeing his team into the quarterfinals, and contending for FIFA's coveted Golden Ball award.

The 2014 World Cup

The World Cup is getting ever closer and speculation is swirling about whether or not Lionel Messi will get his hands on that Golden Ball award this year or whether he will get to share in a World Cup victory with his country.

The speculation surrounding the Lionel Messi soccer jersey is valid for several reasons. First of all, Messi was in top form during Argentina's qualifying campaign for the World Cup, scoring 10 goals to secure Argentina its 11th straight berth in the global football tournament.

Second of all, Argentina is simply a dark horse contender for World Cup champion this year, and Messi, as the team's captain, would certainly be a key ingredient to the team's win. While Argentina hasn't made it beyond the quarterfinals since the back-to-back champion and runner-up finishes in the 1986 and 1990 events, respectively, the team is currently slotted at number 7 on FIFA's world rankings and has one of the easiest group stage draws in the tournament against Iran, Nigeria, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In other words, Messi and his team will be able to conserve energy for later, more challenging matches.

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