The Mexico national football team has achieved many great things over the years, including 15 World Cup appearances, nine titles at the CONCACAF Gold Cup, and one victory in the FIFA Confederations Cup. Even with all of these superlatives, the team (known in some circles as "The Green") has never Mexico Away Shirt 2015 - 2016won a title in the Copa America tournament. But with the country currently ranked at 21 on FIFA's global rankings, could this be the year that changes? Root for such an outcome today with a brand new Mexico shirt from Soccer Box.

Adidas has designed some breathtaking new shirt styles for the 2015 2016 incarnation of the Mexican soccer squad. The black home shirt, complete with neon green trim, is a cool twist on the more traditional green, red, and white jersey that the squad wore in 2014 during the World Cup in Brazil. The Mexico away jersey 2015 2016, is a classy white shirt with lime green, red, and black accents. These stunning 2015 2016 home shirt and away jersey designs are available for purchase right now at Soccer Box!

Mexico Football Shirt

Copa America 2015

Can The Green win the title at the 2015 incarnation of Copa America, set to begin in Chile in June? They are dark horses, to be sure, but they certainly have a chance at making 2015 the year where they finally win this prestigious soccer event.

Based on the current FIFA global rankings, Mexico is the sixth best team in the tournament. The rankings suggest that the frontrunners for the upcoming competition are Argentina and Colombia-currently ranked second and third in the planet, respectively. Also in contention are Brazil (6), the defending champions from Uruguay (9), and the Chilean home side.

Based on those statistics, the wearers of the 2015 2016 Mexico shirt should have little to no problem reaching the knockout stages of the upcoming Copa America. The football squad has been drawn into Group A, which also includes Chile, Ecuador, and Bolivia.

The Mexican side might actually be able to win Group A, which would give the team a big momentum push into the knockout phases. Sure, the Chile team is more highly ranked, and will have the home field advantage over the Mexican away side.

The Chilean club also did quite well at the World Cup last year, beating Spain and Australia to reach the round of 16. They ultimately lost their first knockout game playing the role of "away side" to Brazil's highly favored home club.

Still, even though The Green will be facing off against Chile in the Mexico away jersey, their chances of reaching the knockouts are still fairly certain. Ecuador and Bolivia are both beatable, and Group A overall is a less competitive roundup of teams than groups B or C. (Both groups feature two of the top 10 teams in the world Argentina and Uruguay in the former, Colombia and Brazil in the latter.)

Tournament History

The wearers of the 2015 2016 Mexico shirt might also have the secret weapon that none of those world-conquering teams have: hunger. Uruguay has won the Copa America title a record 15 times, most recently in 2011. Argentina is right behind, with 14. Meanwhile, Brazil has eight trophies at the contest, and even Colombia has won once. The Mexican and Chilean sides each have yet to claim victory at the event.

Not that hunger alone can win a soccer competition. The fact that The Netherlands had never won a World Cup trophy didn't help them to beat Germany in the championship match last summer. Still, you can bet that fans in the Mexico away jersey 2015 2016 will be on hand in Chile this summer, rooting their squad toward the top honor. And based on how well the Mexican national football side has been playing lately, 2015 really might be when they finally earn that top honor.

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