As a football club that has never won the Champions League, and only been runner-up on one occasion (in 2004, when they lost to FC Porto for the title), AS Monaco is not a team that anyone would have picked as a tournament frontrunner this season. And yet, despite their underdog status, the Red and Monaco Home Shirt 2014 - 2015Whites have performed quite well so far in the 2014 2015 UCL, winning their group stage draw, and progressing all the way to the quarterfinals. Now, the team is battling with Juventus for a slot in the semis, and you can help them get there by picking up a new Monaco jersey from the Soccer Box store!

Following a loss against Juventus in the away leg on Tuesday, the Red and Whites are at a one-point deficit in the quarterfinals. However, on April 22nd, Monaco have another crack at the Italian heavyweights, and this time, they'll have the home field advantage on their side. Get ready for that high-stakes football game, with a new set of club football gear from Soccer Box. Whether you are looking for the official AS Monaco home shirt 2014 2015 (manufactured by Nike), or for the blue and black away jersey, you can find it at our online store.

The 2014 2015 UEFA Champions League 

The Red and Whites have given fans plenty of reasons to wear the Monaco jersey proudly this year. Not only is the French soccer squad evidently headed toward a top-three finish in this year's Ligue 1, but they've also progressed further into the Champions League than they have since their 2003 2004 runner-up season.

In fact, this is only the second time since then that the Red and Whites have even qualified for the tournament. They played in the UCL in 2004 2005, but were eliminated after the group stage. Worse, in the years that followed, AS Monaco missed tournament after tournament due to lackluster performances in Ligue 1.

In 2011, things got so bad that Monaco was relegated from division 1 and had to spend two soccer seasons in Ligue 2. But after winning the division 2 title in 2013, and finishing as the runners-up in last year's Ligue 1, the Red and Whites were finally able to qualify for the Champions League again.

In other words, the 2014 2015 UCL is AS Monaco's first time competing in the UCL in a decade, and so far, they are doing quite well. The squad topped Bayer Leverkusen, Zenit St. Petersburg, and Benfica in the group stage, and sent Arsenal packing in the round of 16. Needless to say, it's been quite the thrill ride for fans in the AS Monaco home shirt 2014 2015!


While the wearers of the Monaco jersey lost to Juventus in the away leg of the UCL quarterfinals, even that outcome could be viewed as a sign of just how far they've come in recent years. Indeed, the Red and Whites held the Zebras to just one point during Tuesday's football match, even though Juventus had the home field advantage and a host of adoring fans cheering them on.

Actually, the Zebras looked quite vulnerable on their home field on Tuesday. Sure, they won the game on a penalty goal (from Arturo Vidal), and controlled the ball for more of the match than Monaco did. However, the Red and Whites had a few close calls, shot-wise, and the match very easily could have gone the other way.

Will things go the other way on April 22nd, when the home field advantage shifts back in Monaco's favor? It's tough to say. After all, the Red and Whites could easily succumb to the intense pressure on Wednesday when they don the AS Monaco home shirt 2014 2015 to fight for a spot in the semifinals. On the other hand, they are in a great position to catch the Zebras in the aggregate.

In any case, get ready for that high-stakes match now, with a new 2014 2015 Monaco jersey from Soccer Box.