The Apertura 2014 season was disastrous for the Monarcas Morelia football club. After finishing in sixth place in last year's Apertura segment of Mexico's Liga MX division, Morelia may not have looked like one of the best squads in Mexican soccer, but they at least looked strong. After an 18th place finish Monarcas Morelia Home Shirt 2014 - 2015in the Apertura 2013, the wearers of the Monarcas Morelia football kit will be looking to make a quick comeback for the Clausura 2015.

Luckily, you can help support this struggling football squad today with a brand new Monarcas Morelia home jersey 2014 2015. Available for purchase at Soccer Box, this yellow and red soccer kit reflects the long history of soccer team that fans call "the Monarchy". The autumn of 2014 marked 90 years since Morelia first formed, and fans are hoping for a strong performance in 2015 Clausura to celebrate that milestone. You can also celebrate the anniversary with a new away kit or third jersey, both of which are available on the Soccer Box website.

A Blessing or a Curse?

Football fans who are used to following the English Premier League or the Spanish La Liga are often confused when following Liga MX. There's a good reason for that: instead of combining fall and spring play sessions into a single season, Liga MX splits the proceedings up into two halves: the Apertura (played in the autumn) and the Clausura (played in the spring).

For the 2014 2015 Monarcas squad, this unorthodox way of splitting the seasons is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, the massively truncated nature of the fall season gave the club little chance to recover from early losses. Indeed, Morelia only occupied two slots on the division standings table in the autumn of 2014: dead last and second to last.

On the other hand, the fact that Liga MX splits its seasons will allow a fresh start for the Monarchy in January. Maybe now the team can rebuild enough to get the red and yellow hues of the Monarcas Morelia football kit on the podium come springtime.

A Disastrous Autumn

And rebuilding will be necessary. The Apertura 2014 wasn't just a disastrous season for the wearers of the Monarcas Morelia home jersey 2014 2015. On the contrary, it was about the worst season they've ever played.

Quite frankly, things could not have gone a whole lot worse for the Monarchy in the fall. It took the club 10 weeks of competitive play to land its first win (against Universidad de Guadalajara), and that victory was one of two the club experienced at all. (The other was a home match against Monterrey.)

Ultimately, the squad's record in the Apertura was two wins, four draws, and 11 losses. Needless to say, it wasn't the proudest time to be a fan in the Monarcas Morelia football kit.

A Fresh Start

Luckily, January brings a fresh start for Monarcas Morelia. On Friday, January 9th, they will don the Monarcas Morelia home jersey 2014 2015 for a debut performance in the Clausura 2015. The will have the home field advantage in that match against Toluca. And since the Monarchy managed a scoreless draw against Toluca at the beginning of the fall, this match could be their chance to turn over a new leaf.

On the other hand, Toluca did quite well in the autumn Apertura season, finishing in fourth place with eight wins. With that stat in mind, Morelia could be in for a tough match-even with the home field advantage on their side.

Still a victory in the first match of 2015 could help the Monarchy to set the right kind of tone for 2015, and could give them the momentum to perform fairly well in the Clausura 2015 season. Provide some support and momentum of your own today, by stopping by Soccer Box and checking out our selection of Monarcas Morelia football kit items. Whether you are looking for a home jersey, an away kit, or a third jersey, you can find it on our online store.