Monarcas Morelia has never been the most well-known or successful football club in the Mexican Liga MX division. That honor belongs to either Guadalajara or America, both of which have 11 championship football titles in their history. However, Monarcas Morelia Away Shirt 2014 - 2015recent years have seen the wearers of the Monarcas Morelia soccer jersey slipping into slots near the top of Mexico's various Liga MX championships, and the team has won new fans as a result.

To celebrate the new football fans that Monarcas Morelia has gained for the 2014 2015 Liga MX seasons, Soccer Box has decided to stock the club's gear for the first time ever. Whether you are looking for their cool yellow and red home soccer jersey or the unique blue and maroon third shirt, we have stock available of both. We also have the Monarcas Morelia away shirt 2014 2015, a fairly plain white and red soccer jersey that is striking for the red sash of color that runs diagonally across the shirt.

The History of Monarcas Morelia 

Known also as "the Monarchy," Monarcas Morelia was founded all the way back in 1924. The club helped build Mexico's Segunda Division in the 1950s, before being promoted up to the Primera Division. Despite the promotion, though, the Monarchy didn't find success immediately and bounced back and forth between the top two divisions of Mexican football.

That part of the team narrative won't be unfamiliar to fans who purchase a Monarcas Morelia soccer jersey. After all, many of the best football clubs in the world started out with modest roots and took time to grow into their skin and become true contenders in the sport. What is unique about the Monarchy is that, in the 1990s, the club was purchased by Azteca TV. Not many football clubs are owned by television networks. Mexcio's Azteca TV owns two: Monarcas Morelia and Chiapas Futbol Club (also know as the Jaguars). The Jaguars also play in Liga MX.

A New Era

The support of Azteca TV proved to be exactly what the Monarchy needed to finally forge a consistent and strong performance in Mexican football. After coming under new ownership in 1996, the organization finally won its first title in 2000, claiming the Primera Division Invierno tournament.

Fans have had more reason to be proud of wearing the Monarcas Morelia away shirt 2014 2015 or the home shirt in the years since that first title. In 2002 2003, the Liga MX seasons changed names from "Verano" and "Invierno" to "Apertura" and "Clausura." The seasons continue to bear the same names in 2014 2015.

The Monarchy got a taste of success in the first season of each, claiming the runner-up position in both the 2002 Apertura (the "autumn" season) and the 2003 Clausura tournament (the "spring" season). It was a solid step forward for the team, and showed that they were gaining both skill and consistency.

Recent History

While the Monarchy has had a reasonable amount of success over the years, fans buying the Monarcas Morelia soccer jersey are likely hoping the squad can buck recent trends and finally win another title. A 2011 runner-up finish in the Clausura is the closest the team has come to claiming a national soccer title lately.

Not that Monarcas Morelia has been doing poorly of late. During the 2012 2013 season, the team landed in the top five for both the Apertura and the Clausura. However, a more lukewarm performance in the Clausura 2014 (11th place, to be exact) has fans anticipating how the team will fare in the current 2014 2015 season. Unfortunately, Monarcas Morelia has been struggling so far in the 2014 Apertura, losing both home and away matches, and just generally not looking as strong as they have in soccer seasons past.

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