The N-Power Championship is the second highest tier in the English football system below the Premier League. Each season three teams are promoted from the Championship into the prestigious top flight while three teams are relegated into the Championship. Each year it is a tough fought contest as every team wants the money and glory of playing in the top flight. N-Power Championship Teams

One of the favourites so far this season to achieve promotion is QPR. As a team recently they have moved up and down between leagues. Prior to this season they had spent two playing in the top flight.

Can they utilise this experience to finish top of the Championship so their fans can see the players wearing the Queens Park Rangers Home Soccer Jersey in the Premier League next season.

A brand new Queens Park Rangers Soccer Jersey has recently been released by Lotto for the 2013 - 2014 season. This new shirt features wide blue and white horizontal stripes, finished off with very thin red stripes in between.

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The 2013 - 2014 football season has only just began so its early days to be judging which N-Power Championship teams will be securing promotion in May.

As the table stands Burnley, QPR and Leicester are at the top each with 23 points, however QPR have a game in hand having only played 9 versus the other two teams who have played 10 games each.

So far this season the performance of the players that wear the Queens Park Rangers home soccer jersey has been consistently good with 7 wins and 2 draws. Current odds show QPR to be the firm favourites for promotion and to win the Championship.

In the past QPR have won the second tier champions crown on 2 occasions in 1983 and 2011, can they do it again and secure their place in the Premiership?

To secure promotion the N-Power Championship teams battle throughout the football season. On the last day after each team have played their 46 games the top 2 teams are automatically promoted to the Premiership.

The remaining place is contested between the teams ranked in 3rd-6th position. The 3rd team plays against the 6th, the 4th against the 5th in a two-legged match. The winners of these games meet in the playoff final usually held at Wembley football Stadium. The winner of this game secures their valuable promotion.

In total there are 24 N-Power Championship teams, along with QPR several others have been named as likely contenders for the 3 precious promotional places. Leicester City is the second favourite.

Reading and Wigan Athletic who were both relegated last season along with QPR are also firm contenders along with Bolton Wanderers and Nottingham Forest.

At this early stage predicting which of the N-Power Championship teams will be promoted is difficult. There are always anomalies and surprises for example at this stage last season not many people would have picked Hull City or Crystal Palace for promotion, both were promoted and Hull is performing exceptionally well currently sitting in 8th place!

Perhaps we shouldn't rule out those such as Yeovil Town and Barnsley that despite appalling odds may be in with a chance.

What do you think about the performance of N-Power Championship teams so far this season?

Which 3 teams do you think will secure promotion?

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