The United States men's national football team is heading south. This summer, the members of the team will don their USA soccer jerseys and set controls for South America and Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Undoubtedly, fans will follow the team to cheer them on in the world's biggest football event, and Soccer Box has plenty of gear on hand to satisfy such a crowd. In addition to the USA 2014 FIFA World Cup home shirt an attractive white Dri-fit jersey with the USA men's football crest and the iconic swoosh logo of team sponsor, Nike Soccer Box has several other pieces of merchandise for fans of the American team, including shorts, socks, jackets, and even older jerseys from when the team was signed with Adidas.

Clearly, there are more than a few ways to cheer for the United States national football team at this year's World Cup. Ultimately, the most important thing are the bold red, white, and blue colors that define the nation's flag and ideology, and you can bet that those colors will be on prevalent display come the June commencement of the World Cup tournament.

10 Appearances, No Wins

When fans put on the USA home shirt to root for their team this summer, there will be a few different things on their mind, and likely the first will be the United States' record in the World Cup.

This year's cup will be the 20th World Cup event to take place since the event was first inaugurated. Of those 20 tournaments, the United States men's national football team has qualified for 10 of them. While not the most impressive record on the planet that title goes to this year's host team, Brazil, which has played in every single tournament and is the only team to have done so 10 is a respectable count.

Still, while many USA soccer jerseys have been seen at the World Cup over the years, none of them have been seen at the top of the winner's podium. Indeed, not only has the United States football team never won a World Cup, it has also never participated in a championship match. The team's best finish came in 1930, the first year of the competition, when the United States took third.

Since then, the USA team has struggled to make much of an impression on the World Cup stage. After middling performances in the 1934 and 1950 World Cups, the team went through a marathon dry spell, failing to qualify for every single World Cup between 1954 and 1986.

The United States team seemed to finally pull things together in the 1990s, qualifying for the 1990 cup in Italy, and continuing to earn a spot in every tournament since. However, despite this massive improvement, the USA team has hardly turned itself into a World Cup contender.

The team's highest finish in the past 25 years came in 2002, when the USA made it to the quarterfinals. Every other World Cup between 1990 and 2010, including the one hosted in the United States, resulted in the USA team being knocked out of contention either in the group stage or in the round of 16.

Time to Return the Favor

When Brazil fans flew north to watch their national team compete on United States soil in the 1994 World Cup, they were hoping that their country would make them proud and take the title. Those hopes were fulfilled when Brazil won its fourth World Cup title that year.

Now, however, the roles are reversed. United States fans are flying south, their USA 2014 FIFA World Cup home shirt at the ready, and hoping that the USA team can make their country proud on Brazilian soil. Will this be the year that United States football players get to return the favor by winning a World Cup in the Brazil team's home country, just as Brazil once won a World Cup in the USA?

Only time will tell, but with the USA currently slotted at 13 on FIFA's world rankings, the team certainly has a shot. If you are hoping that the United States will finally be able to end its dry spell and win a World Cup, head to Soccer Box today. We have a range of USA soccer jerseys available.