Depending on where you are from, you will more than likely have a national football/soccer team. Your national squad will be made up of players from football teams dotted around the country; for example the England national squad have first choice players such as Frank Lampard (Chelsea), Jack Wilshere (Arsenal), Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) and Theo Walcott (Arsenal) who are from Premier League teams in England. Players are picked by the national manager depending on their form in their domestic league at the time.

At present Roy Hodgson is the manager of the England national squad, he may just be one of the most controversial managers ever to have landedNational Teams the vacancy. Many football fans do not agree with the majority of players he chooses to play in the England home shirt. Some even say that he only picks players from the higher more well-known clubs in the Premier League.

If we take a look at the players in the squad and which clubs they play for then the majority of members that are picked for the national team play for at least a usual top 8 and above team.

We must not be critical of the boss though, he has helped us through some pretty good wins when he does play the players, the 4-0 win against Moldolva last Friday as a prime example, the squad played very well and out skilled the other side. Goals came from Steven Gerrard, Danny Welbeck (twice) and Rickie Lambert. This was a very big positive and we should support our national England team as much as possible to help them qualify for the World Cup.

Lambert had a very good game scoring in second goal in two England games so far, will he make it three against Ukraine tonight? There are many ways of showing your support for the England team, during the game why not put on your England home shirt and cheer them on, either from the comfort of your own home or the stadium.

If you do not have an England soccer shirt then you may have some other England related products that you could use to support them, this could be an old mug, a cushion, a football hat from the old World Cup. There are many options available you do not have to spend to support your national team.

The World Cup will be taking place next year, our last World Cup in 2010 did not end very well for England they only ranked as high as thirteenth place out of all teams, so next year we will be hoping to do well. The World Cup qualifiers are preparing the players for this, particularly the younger players who have little or no experience of such as big soccer competition.

Even people who do not really enjoy football that much often support the national team as a sign of respect, any news of the country doing well in any sport is fantastic news. Somebody who loves football but did not watch the Olympics probably still got that buzz when they realised that someone from GB had won a gold medal.

One of the main reasons to support your national team is you live in the country; if you have respect you support the country you live in. The people taking part in these sports are doing it to make you proud, the England squad want the England team to do well and they try to give 100% in the England home shirt each time they come out to play a competitive match. You should stick by your national side through thick and thin whether they are playing well or not, hopefully another win tonight against Ukraine should restore some of the belief in people that the England squad ARE good enough for the World Cup, maybe people will start supporting them a bit more.

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