When the groups were announced for the 2016 European Championship qualifying rounds, almost no one had any doubt Netherlands 2014 World Cup Home Shirtabout the team that was going to come out on top of Group A. Of the six countries drawn into that group, the Netherlands was the natural choice for the front runner position. Fans were ready to don their Netherlands football kit and cheer the team toward an easy Euro 2016 qualification.

However, with three matches played in the qualifying rounds, things aren't looking quite as positive for the Netherlands football squad as might have been expected. With one win and two draws, the Netherlands team is lagging behind in Group A. Perhaps the squad just needs a bit of extra fan support! Soccer Box is ready to help you provide it! We are currently carrying the Holland home shirt 2014 2015 that the Netherlands national side will be wearing throughout the remainder of qualifying games, as well as various other home, away, kids, and adult variations of the Holland football kit.

Netherlands Football Kit

The Departure of Louis van Gaal

Soccer teams can always be helped along by a little bit of extra fan support. However, the Netherlands could have a bigger problem: the departure of a truly world-class manager.

Indeed, as the Netherlands national football side has struggled in qualification games, losing to the likes of Iceland and the Czech Republic, many have wondered whether van Gaal-who coached the team to a third-place finish at this summer's World Cup-was the secret weapon and the reason for all of the soccer success the Holland shirt has seen.

Louis van Gaal, of course, headed for a coaching gig at Manchester United after the World Cup. His replacement, Guus Hiddink, has not been able to replicate van Gaal's kinetic coaching style. Most recently, Hiddink managed the Russian football club, Anzhi Makhachkala.

Euro Qualifying Matches 

Whatever the reason, there is no doubt that the glow of the Holland national soccer side has dissipated somewhat since the summer. When the country's players donned the Netherlands football kit in early September to take on the Czech Republic, they were treated to a 2-1 defeat. A more recent loss at the hands of Iceland was even more demoralizing, with the score stalling out at 2-0.

The team has had some luck while wearing the Holland home shirt 2014 2015. A home kit football match against Kazakhstan saw the Netherlands finding their footing a bit in a 3-1 victory. But the specter of the losses against Iceland and the Czech Republic in the away shirt still has many fans wondering why their country's football faction is underperforming.

The Struggles of Robin van Persie

One issue is that captain and leading goal scorer, Robin van Persie, has been rendered virtually ineffective by the defensive lineups of competing squads. At the World Cup, van Persie scored four goals in seven matches. That stat tied him with Brazil soccer superstar Neymar and Golden Ball winner, Lionel Messi. The only players who contributed more points were Germany's Thomas Muller (with five) and Colombia's James Rodriguez (with six).

Thus far in the qualifiers, though, van Persie has only contributed one goal. He did it while wearing the Holland home shirt 2014 2015 in the fixture against Kazakhstan. Even then, it came at the 89-minute mark and was scored as a penalty goal, not as a regular one.

To be fair, van Persie has only scored two points in league play this season, even while playing under Louis van Gaal at Manchester United. Perhaps the 31-year-old forward is just slowing down.

Upcoming Matches

Either way, Holland's players will have to put a bit more of themselves into their football kits in upcoming Euro 2016 qualifying matches.

Because the rest of the countries in Group A-Turkey and Latvia-have had poor or middling performances so far in the qualifiers, the Netherlands squad is still in third place in the group. An upcoming match with Latvia has potential to improve that position. In addition, the team still has over a year to find its footing and make a comeback. Don't count the Holland soccer shirt out just yet!

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