Netherlands 2014 FIFA World Cup Home JerseyCommonly referred to as the Holland National team, officially recognized by FIFA as the Netherlands (NED), and known colloquially as The Dutch Eleven, the orange clad team from that tiny European nation has made it to the World Cup yet again. Follow the action as these lowland dynamos don their orange Netherlands football shirts and try to bring home the cup for the first time ever at the 2014 games in Brazil. Holding the record for participating in the most world cup final rounds without ever winning the tournament, you'll be hard pressed to find a team more determined to be victorious in Brazil this year.

The bright orange of Dutch fans will be seen for miles around at the start of the World Cup this June. Soccer Box is your one stop shop for Jerseys and merchandise to show your support for The Dutch Eleven when kickoff time finally rolls around. Grab your Holland Boys 2014 World Cup football shirt by Nike so you can show the Dutch underdogs some team spirit and spur your team towards their first World Cup victory.

The World Record Nobody Wants

When they were founded in 1905 nobody expected the Holland National Soccer Team to become known for what came to be called the "World Record Nobody Wants".  In their first international match against Belgium, the Netherlands scored a decisive 4-1 victory during extra time which looked to be their first step towards achieving widespread international notoriety.  Unfortunately for the Dutch, their team only made it to the World Cup finals twice until the 1970s. Perhaps a little more support from fans wearing Netherlands football shirts would have helped!

But the hijinks didn't stop there for the Orange soccer players of this small European team! After qualifying for World Cup tournament after World Cup tournament, the boys from Holland just couldn't catch a break. They now hold the record for the most World Cup appearances without a single win; 10 including the 2014 games.  You can purchase a Holland Boys 2014 World Cup football shirt at Soccer Box and support the boys in orange as they take to the field in hopes of breaking their dreaded record.

Engineering Dutch Domination

Many of the players to wear the orange Netherlands football jersey in the early '70s played for Ajax, a popular Dutch soccer club at the time, where they picked up a tactic called Total Football. Based on the premise that outfielders can take over the role of any other player at any time, this tactic revolutionized the way the Dutch soccer team played the game, and greatly improved their chances of winning on an international scale.

Since then, the Netherlands National Team has use this roundabout style of play to focus their efforts and become the 10th highest ranked team in the world by FIFA. Opposing teams consistently run into roadblocks as players on the Dutch side switch roles on the fly using their tried and true tactics to launch them into the final rounds of the most important sporting event in the world. Now you can show your support with an orange Holland Boys 2014 World Cup football shirt from Nike while you watch your favorite orange clad players execute their notorious strategy in Brazil this summer.

The adaptation of Total Football into the national team's training regimen saw marked improvements in the performance of the squad's already exceptionally versatile lineup.  Even today, the Dutch team still relies on the player switching tactics of the Total Football strategy to abruptly put an end to the opposing team's attempts at mounting an effective defense.  Fans can expect to see another impressive display of tactical and technical expertise at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil when their favorite team takes to the pitch and try to seal the deal during this year's final round.

Though the country may be small, the Netherlands National Soccer Team is anything but weak, and they're determined to make this year the year they finally break free from the "World Record Nobody Wants". Only with the help and support of their loving fans can the Clockwork Orange team finally advance past the final round and bring home the trophy, so show your support with Netherlands football shirts and kit from the Soccer Box shop.