2014 was a good time to be a Netherlands football fan. The Holland national team stormed into the 2014 World Cup and immediately delivered arguably the most talked about game of the tournament with a 5-1 upset of defending champions, Spain. For their last match of the year, the country's players have won a similarly big victory (6-0) against Latvia. The team's successes in 2014 point to continued victories in 2015, and you'll want to pick up a Netherlands kit 2014 - 2015 to root for their run.

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A Year in Review 

At the beginning of this year, few soccer analysts were pointing to the Netherlands as a frontrunner for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Even though Holland was the runner-up at the 2010 tournament, they were being placed behind the likes of Spain (returning champs), Germany (the eventual victor), Brazil (the home team), and Portugal (thanks to the skills of Cristiano Ronaldo) on FIFA's Rankings.

Once the wearers of the Netherlands kit 2014 - 2015 arrived in Brazil and destroyed Spain in their first group stage fixture, the narrative began to change. After Holland had won matches against Australia, Chile, Mexico, and Costa Rica, some viewers were wondering if the Netherlands national side was headed back to the finals.

They didn't quite get there, ultimately losing to Argentina in the semifinals. The game came down to penalty kicks, and Lionel Messi's Argentine squad simply out played the footballers from Holland.

Still, young fans in the Holland kids away strip 2014 - 2015 got the ultimate consolation prize, getting to watch their squad completely outclass the highly-touted Brazil home side. With the score at 3-0 at full time, the Netherlands had won the ultimate away match and earned a third place position in soccer's biggest tournament. Not bad for a country that hadn't been labeled as a frontrunner!

Euro 2016 Qualification

Holland's 2014 play has diminished somewhat since that big third place match, but it has still ultimately been a very proud year to be a fan in the Netherlands kit 2014 - 2015. That pride continued into the qualification rounds for the 2016 European Championship, where Holland has been drawn into qualifying Group A.

Group A also includes the Czech Republic, Iceland, Turkey, Latvia, and Kazakhstan. Since none of those countries qualified for the World Cup, they should all be easy opponents for the Netherlands side. However, there has been one wrinkle that has affected Holland's success: the departure of coach Louis van Gaal.

Van Gaal helped lead the Netherlands to their monumental World Cup success this summer, after which he accepted an offer to manage Manchester United. The Dutch coach's departure to the Premier League has left the Holland squad a bit adrift this fall, which has resulted in two fairly substantial losses in the Euro qualifiers. They were defeated 1-2 in an away match against the Czech Republic, and again in another away match against Iceland (with the score 0-2).

Luckily, the Dutch side has won their home games handily, including a 3-1 bout with Kazakhstan and the aforementioned 6-0 triumph over Latvia. However, they are currently in third place in Group A (against the two teams that beat them), and will need to do better in away matches in 2015 if they hope to qualify for the European Championship.

The 6-0 triumph over Latvia was the Netherlands' last game of the year, which should mean that they start 2015 play in March with high spirits and full confidence. You can help provide additional confidence with a new Holland kids away strip 2014 - 2015 (or an adult away kit), available at Soccer Box.

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