Ajax Home Shirt 2014 - 2015After four straight seasons at the top of the Dutch Eredivisie league, it's clear that AFC Ajax is doing something right. Therefore, it's hardly surprising that the club has adopted an "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" approach to kit design. Indeed, this year's Ajax football shirt options are classic and traditional, not only recalling the jerseys that the team has worn in recent years, but also the kinds of jerseys that soccer teams around the world have been wearing for many years now.

Today, you can get your hands on the Ajax home jersey 2014 2015, available from the Soccer Box online store. With the Eredivisie season already underway (Ajax won its first match of the season, against Vitesse), fans will be scrambling to get their Ajax gear in time for upcoming team fixtures. Get yours today!

Ajax Football Shirt

The Season as it Stands

If fans were wondering if Ajax has what it takes to contend for a fifth straight Eredivisie title, their questions were answered by the first match of the season. The match, a home fixture against Vitesse, ended with a 4-1 score in favor of Ajax. Given the fact that Vitesse is one of the better soccer teams in Eredivisie right now, having finished in sixth place last season, the victory was a notable one for Ajax.

Also notable was the performance of midfielder and winger Lasse Schone, who scored a brace of goals (and assisted in another) for an incredibly strong start to his season. Since his national team, Denmark, failed to qualify for the World Cup this summer, Schone undoubtedly had some built up adrenaline and energy waiting to be used up.

The Squad: New and Old

Though Schone was undoubtedly the "man of the match" in Ajax's season opener against Vitesse, he wasn't the only player in an Ajax home jersey 2014 2015 to score a goal. On the contrary, the first goal of the season was netted by Nick Viergever, a center-back for whom the match doubled as an Ajax debut.

Viergever is one of the new signings this year, donning the Ajax football shirt for the first time after spending five seasons at AZ. There, the 25-year-old Viergever has seemingly improved every single season, making more than 50 team appearances and scoring five goals in 2013 2014. Fans are hoping Viergever will only continue to improve at Ajax, and by scoring a goal just 40 minutes into his first match with the team, he has proven that he can do just that.

If Nick Viergever is the most promising newcomer to the Ajax squad this season, then Daley Blind is the most promising returning member. The vice captain and midfielder has been a respected part of the Ajax squad ever since he first signed with the team in 2008. He's made 143 appearances with the team, and even scored three goals.

Blind at the World Cup 

However, Blind's stock seems to have gone up after an impressive summer at the World Cup in Brazil, to the point where some are wondering if the Ajax home jersey 2014 2015 will mark Blind's last year with Ajax.

Indeed, Blind was an instrumental part of the Netherlands national team this summer, playing in each of the team's seven matches. Throughout, he scored one goal (his first on the international level), provided several assists, and recovered the ball on dozens of occasions.

Suffice to say that Blind's play was impressive throughout the World Cup tournament, and Dutch manager Lous van Gaal who is now coaching at Manchester United is already musing about bringing Blind to the Premier League. Blind himself has said such an offer would be difficult to resist.

With all of that said, though, no official transfer talk has happened yet regarding Blind, and with the Eredivisie season now in full swing, it looks like the midfielder will be staying in the Netherlands for at least another season.

Whether you are looking forward to rooting for Blind this season or to cheering on newcomers like Viergever, you'll need an Ajax football shirt to do so. Stop by Soccer Box today to find the perfect shirt.