New Balance is taking over the role of kit manufacturer for Liverpool FC this year after years of letting their subsidiary Warrior Sports handle the job. Based on what we have seen so far of Liverpool's 2015 2016 gear, it seems as though these two entities could have been working with one another for years. While the 2015 2016 home shirt more or less maintains the traditional red design we've seen from this football club in the past, the new goalkeeper jersey was a breath of fresh air, offering a sleek and modern black and red design that will surely look fantastic on the football pitch next season. And now with the launch of the Liverpool training kit 2015 - 2016 we can see even more design flair.

With the arrival of the Liverpool red training top 2015 2016 (as well as other training gear for next year), we are even more excited about New Balance stepping into the kit manufacturer role. Where last year's practice jerseys were essentially plain black and red shirts, this year's warm-up gear bears a cool two-tone color design that fans are going to love. In fact, some Reds supporters might just wish these new practice shirts were the soccer club's home and away jerseys for next year.

Liverpool Training Gear

The Training Gear Style

There are two versions of the Liverpool training shirt 2015 2016 available at Soccer Box. The first is a red top with bands of black on the sleeves and shoulders. The shirt catches eyes, though, because its design is asymmetrical, with the black detailing looking different on each side and sleeve. The black version of the warm-up top mirrors this design, making the shirt black and the asymmetrical detailing red.

The designs of the Liverpool training top 2015 2016 represent a style that New Balance has applied to the entire line of 2015 2016 Liverpool warm-up gear. From t-shirts to sweat tops, polo shirts to hoodies, anthem jackets to presentation suits, every piece of the Reds' 2015 2016 training wardrobe mirrors the modern, abstract color switching of the training kit. We can't wait to see the new gear on the sidelines next year!

Garuda Indonesia

Last season, Garuda Indonesia became Liverpool's first-ever training kit sponsor. Garuda had flown the Reds to their tour destinations during the 2013 2014 season, and wanted to have an even bigger and more visible role in the football club's success. Garuda initially signed on to be Liverpool's training kit sponsor for two seasons. In other words, there's no telling whether or not Liverpool will still have a separate sponsor for their training gear next season.

Shop for Liverpool FC Training Gear Today

What is for sure is that Garuda's logo looks great on the brand new Liverpool red training top 2015 2016, tucked under the official club logo on the left hand side of the football jersey. See for yourself. Stop by Soccer Box today to pick up a new collection of team practice gear!

In fact, if you are planning on rooting for the Reds during the 2015 2016, then Soccer Box is your one-stop shop for all official merchandise-not just warm-up gear. We also have stock available of the New Balance home shirts and goalkeeper jerseys for the 2015 2016 season. And while we are still waiting for the releases of the 2015 2016 away kit and third shirt, you can still get the 2014 2015 versions for 25% off!

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