Harry Kane may be a young man-he just turned 22 in July-but the Chingford-born striker has already spent more than 10 years at Tottenham Hotspur. He came to the football club's youth program in 2004, joined the senior squad in 2009, and had his breakout season last year when he scored 31 goals across all competitions. The young offensive star had a hiccup earlier this season, failing to score a single Premier League goal until Tottenham's week seven fixture against Manchester City. Now, though, with Kane back in fine form and the Spurs climbing the Premier League table, it seems that the officials at Hotspur are ready to ink a new deal with Harry Kane to keep him happy at White Hart Lane for the foreseeable future.

A Big Salary Bump

If talks of a new contract for Kane seem like déjà vu, that's because they are. The Spurs already inked a new deal with Harry this year, back in February when he was in the midst of his star-making season. That contract gave Kane improved wages and tethered him to Tottenham until 2020. The deal was an update on a previous deal that Kane had signed in August 2013, and was the young player's reward for such a stellar season.

Now that Harry is back to peak levels of performance, Hotspur want to reward him again. Reportedly, football club officials are in talks with Kane to extend his contract until Tottenham Hotspur Home Shirt 2015 - 20162021 and bump his wages to an astounding £70,000 per week. For those keeping track, that's double Kane's current weekly wages.

Not that the Spurs are in any immediate danger of losing Kane, given the substantial length of his existing contract, but should they go through, the increased wages will help to keep the young soccer star happy at White Hart Lane for the long term. (And, based on how things have been going, he'll have a new contract in six to 10 months anyway.)

Staving Off the Premier League Elite

If anything, the big contract bump for Kane is as much of a preventative measure as it is a reward for good Spurs Away Shirt 2015 - 2016work. Tottenham Hotspur may be well on the way to landing their sixth top-five domestic finish in the last seven years, but they are still not quite up there with the Premier League elite. Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, and even Arsenal are all more powerful football clubs with more money in their coffers-the kind of money that could make a player like Harry Kane want to move elsewhere.

Already, the Spurs have had to fight off outside offers for their not-so-secret weapon. Chelsea have reportedly shown interest in signing Harry during the January transfer window, and how could they not, given the current state of their offense? Manchester United, meanwhile, supposedly offered to pay a £50 million transfer fee for Kane last summer. However, Tottenham clearly doesn't plan on letting Harry Kane go for any sum of money, and his apparently pending new contract seems to be a bold and loud announcement of that fact.

What's Next?

The question now is, what's next for Tottenham Hotspur and Harry Kane? Can the young star mold the Spurs into legitimate Premier League contenders? Can he make them a part of the Premier League elite?

Tottenham have been flirting with a top-three Premier League finish for more than half a decade now, but it still hasn't happened. The football club haven't seen the inside of the top three since 1990. They haven't been the domestic league runners-up since 1963, and they haven't won the title since 1961. Could this season be their chance?

The Spurs would likely be sitting in the top three right now, had it not taken them five weeks to win a game at the start of the season. Kane's early goal drought put his soccer club in a tough place, and they are still making up for it. But if Liverpool can be labeled title contenders-and plenty of people are making that claim, thanks to their recent streak of success under Jurgen Klopp-then Tottenham Hotspur can't be ruled out, either.

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