There was a point during the 2014 2015 Premier League season where it seemed like Newcastle United had a shot at a top five finish. Looking back on that now, after the Magpies have lost seven games in a row in England's top-flight division, the question becomes why the team has been so blazingly inconsistent this year? On one hand, Newcastle had a five-match winning streak going into October and November, and were the first team to beat Chelsea in a league match. On the other hand, the Magpies have now gone two months without so much as a draw to lift the sagging spirits of fans. Can the squad turn things around in the final weeks of the 2014 2015 campaign? Help them do so, with a new Newcastle United football kit from Soccer Box.

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The Losing Streak

Is redemption possible for the Magpies at this point? Even if the club win their final four games of the 2014 2015 campaign, their season record will still only consist of 13 wins, eight draws, and 17 losses. If they lose their last four games though they will have only won nine games in 2014 2015, their lowest regular season tally in six years.

Unfortunately, right now, betting on losses seems like a safer gamble than predicting wins. The wearers of the Newcastle United football kit have now lost seven in a row-most recently with a 2-3 home loss against Swansea City last Saturday.

The losing streak began on March 4th, when the Magpies donned the Newcastle home shirt 2014 2015 for a home fixture against Manchester United. Two weeks before, the team had suffered their biggest defeat of the season: a 0-5 loss against Manchester City. They were hoping for a better outcome against the other Manchester football squad, but didn't find it, ultimately losing 0-1 to United.

That home game was a harbinger for the hard times that Newcastle would face over the next two months. During that time they lost to Everton, Arsenal, Sunderland, Liverpool, and Tottenham Hotspur. It didn't matter if they were at home or away; in their seven consecutive losses the Magpies only mustered a total of four goals. From the looks of it, the soccer squad had simply lost their mojo.

Remaining Fixtures

Fans in the Newcastle United football kit had a glimmer of hope that their club was finally going to win a match at this past weekend's home game with Swansea City. Not only did the Magpies get on the board first with a 20th minute goal from Ayoze Perez but they also managed to score multiple goals for the first time since their January 31st win over Hull City. The second goal came at the 87-minute mark, scored by Siem de Jong.

Unfortunately, between those two home team goals, Swansea scored a trio of their own. So even though Perez and de Jong did the Newcastle home shirt 2014 2015 proud by showing that the Magpies offense still has some life left in it, their efforts were ultimately futile. Swansea City won the game 3-2 and Newcastle United lost their seventh in a row.

Can the Magpies find a win somewhere in their last four matches? The good news is that their remaining fixtures are against mostly lower-ranked teams such as Leicester City and Queens Park Rangers. But spirits and momentum are so low at St. James' Park right now that it's hard to say whether Newcastle can win anything at this point.

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