It goes without saying that attendees of this summer's 2014 FIFA World Cup will see a preponderance of Brazil home kits. After all, Brazil is not only the most successful team in the history of the World Cup event, but is also hosting the event this year for the Brazil Kids 2014 World Cup Neymar T-Shirtfirst time since 1950. Perhaps the most popular form of Brazil uniform this summer, though, will be Neymar soccer jerseys shirts meant specifically to show fandom for one of Brazil's star players, Neymar da Silva Santos Junior.

Neymar plays either striker or winger for the Brazil football team, and many expect the young player he is 22 years old to lead his home team to a championship match. With that in mind, Soccer Box has stocked up on gear specifically meant to celebrate the talents of the young Neymar. The Brazil kids 2014 World Cup Neymar t-shirt has been especially popular, a grey Nike t-shirt with a graphic of Neymar and a colorful spelling of his name on the back.

Soccer Box also has a selection of more traditional Neymar soccer jerseys, including the Brazilian home kit the young star will be wearing on the football pitch this summer. The Soccer Box store also carries the home and away shirts Neymar wears throughout most of the year as a member of the Barcelona football club.

Neymar's History

The Brazil kids 2014 World Cup Neymar t-shirt didn't become an in-demand product without cause. On the contrary, while Neymar is currently only 22 years of age, his climb to the peak of football prominence has been in the works for quite some time now.

In 2003, when he was only 11 years old, Neymar joined Santos, a respected Brazilian football club that has recruited, trained, and produced some of the most prominent players to ever take the pitch with the Brazil national team. In 2009, Neymar was at last promoted to the Santos first team, after which his name and style of play began generating conversation in the global football community.

It wasn't until 2011 that the buzz surrounding Neymar truly started to catch fire, though. In the FIFA Club World Cup that year, Neymar essentially lead the Santos team to the championship match, and while they were held scoreless in a 4-0 match against Barcelona, Neymar still made an impression and earned the "bronze ball" as the third best player in the tournament.

Further career leaps occurred in 2013, when Neymar both joined the Barcelona football club and lead the Brazil national football team to a victory at the FIFA Confederations Cup. Both engagements introduced the Neymar soccer jerseys that have become virtually iconic jersey number 10 for Brazil and 11 for Barcelona and announced him to the world as one of the best, if not the best player living.

2014 World Cup 

Now, with Neymar's adoring fans stocking up on items like the Brazil kids 2014 World Cup Neymar t-shirt, the player is ready to make his debut on the biggest of stages: the FIFA World Cup. As fortune would have it, he will do so in his home country of Brazil a fact that will give him and his teammates an immense amount of support, but also a huge amount of pressure to overcome.

For one thing, the Brazil team is once again gunning for a sixth World Cup victory. With five titles, Brazil is already alone at the pinnacle of world football. However, since the team hasn't had a chance to really contend for the cup since its last victory in 2002 Brazil exited the tournament at the quarterfinal stage in both 2006 and 2010 the team is undoubtedly incredibly desirous of going all the way to the top this year.

That desire is amplified by the fact that Brazil wants to give its nation of fans a win at home. In 1950, when Brazil hosted, the team was denied the title by Uruguay. This year, Neymar and his fellow players will be fighting to redeem that mistake.