Anyone who pays attention to the football world probably already knows that FC Barcelona's lineup this year is excellent. In fact, as the soccer season continues to unfold and Barcelona continues to do well, you might start hearing claims that the lineup is one of the best in the club's storied history. There's a very simple explanation for that: several of the peak figures in the entire game of football are wearing the Nike Barcelona football shirts and jerseys for 2014 2015.

With numerous star players, plenty of momentum, and a (current) top slot in the 2014 2015 La Liga on its side, it's not surprising that Barcelona is riding high on a wave of popularity right now. Soccer Box has stocked up on Barca gear in order to meet the extra demand indicated by that popularity. Indeed, we have a full stock of jersey merchandise for fans of the team, from adult home shirts and kids away football shirts to the Nike Barcelona kids home jersey 2014 2015. Fans of all ages will find something for them at Soccer Box!

Nike Barcelona Football Shirts

Barcelona's Best Footballer

A question that many Barca football fans are probably enjoying discussing this year is this: who is the team's current best footballer? Who is the most skilled player currently wearing the Barcelona shirts?

For most football clubs, that question isn't terribly difficult to answer. There's usually one clear candidate for a soccer club's "player of the year" title, be he a top goal scorer, a midfielder who racks up several assists in seemingly every match, or a goalkeeper who keeps clean sheets in more matches than not.

When it comes to deciding who is the best footballer wearing the home and away Nike Barcelona football shirts this season, though, everything becomes a bit more complicated. And that's because Barcelona has at least three potential "player of the year" contenders for 2014 2015.

The Contenders 

The first contender for the title-and the man who your kids will probably pretend to be when they put on their Nike Barcelona kids home jersey 2014 2015-is Lionel Messi. The world-famous striker is no stranger to "best player" awards. He won the Golden Ball trophy at the World Cup this past summer, even though his Argentina national team couldn't quite seal the deal as far the championship title was concerned.

Messi has been wearing the Barca jersey since 2004. He's been the team's top goal-scorer every year since 2008 2009, and routinely scores between 30 and 50 goals in a single season of La Liga play, plus another 10 or 20 in cup or European games. Those statistics are enough to give Lionel this title of "Barca's favorite football player."

Of course, he's not the only star of the team. Messi has played all seven of Barcelona's La Liga matches so far this season, scoring six goals along the way. Neymar, meanwhile, has played six out of seven games, but is currently beating Messi by one point as far as the top goal scorer rankings are concerned. Could Neymar dethrone Messi as the highest scoring footballer at Barca for the 2014 2015 La Liga? Only time will tell.

The Wildcards

Of course, Neymar and Messi aren't the only guys that young fans in the Nike Barcelona kids home jersey 2014 2015 could be worshipping by the end of the season. Luis Suarez, a third world-class forward, will play his first competitive matches at Barcelona within the next few weeks. The top goal scorer of the entire English Premier League in 2014, Suarez could give either of Barcelona's other stars a run for "best player" title, depending on how well he plays after his return to the game.

Are there other footballers on the Barca lineup that deserve the recognition of these three point-scoring celebrities? How about goalkeeper Claudio Bravo, who has kept clean sheets in all seven of the club's La Liga matches so far? Or midfielder Ivan Rakitic, who came to the home of Camp Nou from Sevilla this summer, and who has already seen a lot of playtime and scored two goals?

As you can see, this squad's lineup is as stacked as can be, and all smart money is on them to win the La Liga title this season. Get involved with the winning streak early, by purchasing new Nike Barcelona football shirts at Soccer Box. Whether you are looking for kids home shirts or an adult away jersey, we've got you covered.