UEFA has officially announced the shortlist for the 2015 "Goal of the Season" award, choosing 10 goals from UEFA competitions (including the Europa League, the Champions League, and U-17 or U-19 tournaments) for contention. We've highlighted each of the nominated goals for the UEFA Goal of the Season 2014 - 2015 award below, as well as a link where you can vote for the goal as your favorite of the season, and UEFA's own description of the goal in italics.

"Kobin's Brilliant Bicycle Kick"

Legia Warszawa v FC Metalist Kharkiv

Vasyl Kobin scored this brilliant acrobatic goal for Metalist, one of only three goals the Ukrainian side would register in their 2014/15 UEFA Europa League campaign.

We don't see bicycle kicks nearly enough, even at the highest levels of professional football, but when a well-executed one comes along, it's tough not to recognize it as one of the most beautiful goals of the year. That's certainly the case with this acrobatic goal, scored by Ukrainian midfielder Vasyl Kobin in the group stage of the 2014 2015 Europa League. FC Metalist ultimately failed to make much of an impression in the tournament, and Legia Warsaw actually won the match in which this goal took place. But Kobin stole the show, landing arguably the most memorable goal of the entire Europa League.

"Unbelievable De Bruyne Volley"

VfL Wolfsburg v LOSC Lille

[Kevin De Bruyne's] thunderbolt gave Vincent Enyeama little chance and was one of five goals he would score for Wolfsburg in their 2014/15 UEFA Europa League campaign.

Speaking of the Europa League, this impressive volley from Wolfsburg attacking midfielder Kevin De Bruyne did what all of the best professional football maneuvers should: it looked effortless. Down one point 82 minutes into a group stage match against Lille, Wolfsburg needed a lucky break to avoid a loss. They got that lucky break in the form of a perfect volley from De Bruyne, which sailed 30 yards to find the back of the Lille net. It was one of five goals that De Bruyne scored in the Europa League this year.

"Abdulai Toloba 'Does a Bergkamp'"

Wales v Belgium

Mariam Abdulai Toloba's spectacular opener set Belgium on course for an eventual 5-0 success which secured them top spot in Group 7 of qualifying with a perfect record.

This goal, in a Women's Under-17 match between Wales and Belgium, saw Belgian teenager Miriam Abdulai Toloba sneaking past defenders and aiming a expert shot just below the crossbar. It's unlikely to win the Goal of the Season prize, just considering the competition, but UEFA have praised her for following in the footsteps of Dennis Bergkamp and Paul Gascoigne, two players known for their remarkable natural talent and fine technique.

"Antunes Arrows into the Top Corner"

FC Dynamo Kyiv v Everton FC

Trailing 2-1 from the first leg of their round of 16 tie, Dynamo completed a spectacular turnaround to win 6-4 on aggregate, Antunes getting the best of the bunch after unleashing a tremendous shot from range into the top corner.

Another Europa League goal, this one is credited to left back Vitorino Antunes, but really belongs to the entire Dynamo Kyiv squad. Sure, Antunes was the one to hit a remarkable long-ranged goal, but it was some impressive dribbling and passing between the entire team that set him up for the shot. In fact, the entire match was all about teamwork for the Ukrainian side, with Antunes scoring the fifth and greatest goal of Kyiv's 5-2 home win.

"Stunning Ramsey Volley"

Galatasaray A? v Arsenal FC

The Wales midfielder would describe his searing volley as the best goal he's ever scored, as his second strike of the game powered Arsenal to a 4-1 success that secured their 15th consecutive knockout qualification.

The first nominee from this year's UEFA Champions League, this gorgeous volley from Aaron Ramsey really was the best goal of the Arsenal midfielder's career. The speed and accuracy of the goal was something to behold, and the way it sailed through a sea of defenders to find its mark in the corner of the net made for a thrilling moment for Gunners fans everywhere.

"Messi Bamboozles Bayern"

FC Barcelona v FC Bayern München

The Argentinean left Jérôme Boateng floundering before deftly chipping Manuel Neuer to put Barcelona into a commanding first-leg lead of their semi-final.

Barcelona Home Shirt 2015 - 2016It wouldn't be a "Goal of the Year" nominee list without at least one Lionel Messi maneuver included-especially one where Messi so effortlessly slips by arguably the best goalkeeper in Europe. After a lengthy dribble from outside of the penalty box, Messi didn't release the ball from his foot until he was almost into Neuer's goal box. The close-ranged shot through Neuer off, and gave Barcelona an early advantage in the Champions League semifinal. Watching this goal back will be enough to make you want to pull on your Barcelona home shirt 2015 2016 and get ready for the new season.

"Ronaldo Caps Sublime Madrid Move"

Liverpool FC v Real Madrid CF

Ronaldo 7 Real Madrid Home Shirt 2015 - 2016A magnificent goal helped Real Madrid to a resounding 3-0 win and broke the Portuguese star's goalscoring duck at the English club's stadium.

You also couldn't make a list like this without including Cristiano Ronaldo, and this goal, scored in the Champions League group stage, was one of his finest works. Ronaldo slowly made his way from the midfielder toward the Liverpool goal, passing the ball between his teammates as he made his advance. Just before breaking into the penalty box, he kicked the ball to James Rodriguez, who provided a beautiful assist to set up the goal.

"Iniesta Creates, Neymar Converts"

FC Barcelona v Paris Saint-Germain

Already 2-0 up from the first leg of their quarter-final, Neymar put Barcelona's progress beyond doubt with two first-half strikes, the second of which was the icing on the cake following a mesmerising run from Andrés Iniesta.

Neymar was almost as integral to Barcelona's success this year as Messi, particularly in the Champions League, where both offensive stars scored 10 goals apiece. This point was Neymar's finest, but it was also a stunning bit of teamwork. Andres Iniesta moved the ball three-quarters of the field before slipping it to Neymar for the goal. Neymar, in turn, forced PSG goalkeeper Salvatore Sirigu to miscalculate, giving Barca a 1-0 lead just 14 minutes into the match.

"Lamela's Incredible 'Rabona'"

Tottenham Hotspur FC v Asteras Tripolis FC

Erik Lamela's 'rabona' finish left White Hart Lane in raptures on a night when Tottenham would go on to record a resounding 5-1 success.

Harry Kane may have been the star of the season for Tottenham Hotspur, but Erik Lamela was the club's key cog in this big group stage victory. Lamela, an Argentine midfielder, did a "rabona"-or a cross-legged kick-to put the ball in the net, a stylish finish that stood as the highlight of a game that also featured a Harry Kane hat trick.

"35-Metre Rocket from Robbie Muirhead"

Scotland v Norway

Muirhead's audacious long-range strike was a highlight of Scotland's quest for qualification for the 2015 final tournament in Greece, for which they would narrowly miss out by a single point.

A stunning long-range shot, this goal made Scotland's Under-19 star Robbie Muirhead look like a seasoned professional, and immediately posited him as a player to watch in the years to come. Like Miriam Abdulai Toloba, Muirhead won't win because of his age and the fact that he wasn't playing in a top-flight tournament, but that doesn't make his goal any less impressive.

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