The start of Premier League competition may only be less than two months away, but fans can still get their hands on merchandise from last season. Indeed, Soccer Box still has stock left of many items from the 2013 2014 season, including a crisp Manchester City training kit that will look as good during Week 1 of the 2014 2015 season as it did during the final days of last season.

The item in question, the Manchester City core trainer jacket 2013 2014, is an attractive sky blue zip-up made by team merchandiser, Nike. The jacket is lightweight enough to carry along with you to games, but warm enough to keep you insulated later in the fall and winter, as the football season continues to get cooler. There's even a tall mock neck to provide extra protection against the elements.

Celebrating a Winning Team

Beyond sheer aesthetic appeal, there are several reasons to pick up one of last season's Manchester City training kit products from Soccer Box. For one thing, there's very little year-specific about the jacket, meaning that plenty of fans will probably still be wearing it during the upcoming Premier League season.

For another thing, since it comes from the 2013 2014 season, it comes from a winning year for the Manchester City football club. Man City clinched the Premier League title in the spring, narrowly edging out Liverpool and Chelsea for the win. Superstitious fans might like to think that there's some luck in items like the Manchester City core trainer jacket 2013 2014, and what better way to translate that luck into the upcoming season than by wearing this awesome jacket to Man City's opening matches during Week 1 (and beyond)?

Looking at Manchester City's Upcoming Season

Speaking of Manchester City's opening matches of the 2014 2015 season, schedules were recently announced for the forthcoming Premier League season, meaning that fans will immediately be planning which matches to attend.

Man City's opening match an away game against Newcastle on Saturday, August 16 will be a big draw simply because it is one of the first matches of the season. However, the big day for Manchester City fans will come a week later, on August 23. Not only will the second Saturday bring Manchester City's first home game of the city, but it will also pit the team against last year's most worthy rivals: the Liverpool football club.

A Growing Liverpool Rivalry

While Manchester City ultimately beat Liverpool to the 2013 2014 Premier League title, that win wasn't because of an outright victory over Liverpool's challenging squad. On the contrary, during the two meetings that Man City and Liverpool had during the Premier League season last year, each won a single match.

The first of those meetings came in December, when fans flocked to the Eithad Stadium in the Manchester City core trainer jacket 2013 2014 to cheer on their team. Manchester City won that home game 2-1, but Liverpool returned the favor when Man City went to Anfield for a match in April. Liverpool won the match 3-2, and while Manchester City would ultimately claim the Premier League trophy a month later, the late-season loss to Liverpool was one of the low points of the season for fans, players, and team officials alike.

Now Manchester City will have a chance to play a rematch against Liverpool as only its second game of the season. The match should be an early highlight of the 2014 2015 Premier League, not only because it will pit last season's top two teams against one another, but also because both teams will have something to prove. Liverpool will want to win the match to make up for last year's narrow Premier League loss, and Man City will want to win to correct the April 3-2 loss against Liverpool. Regardless of the outcome, the match should spark some fireworks.

Are you already geared up for the upcoming Premier League season? If so, stop by Soccer Box today to pick up a Manchester City training kit.