Olympique Marseille Home Jersey 2014 - 2015It may have been a disappointing season for Olympique Marseille, as the premier French football club faltered from its normally consistent Ligue 1 performance to finish the season in sixth place. However, despite the upsetting nature of the 2013 2014 season, Marseille still stands as one of the most successful soccer clubs in all of France, and that status will keep the Olympique Marseille football shirt an in-demand item despite the sub-par nature of the team's 16-12-10 record for the 2013 2014 season.

In fact, at Soccer Box, we have several Olympique Marseille soccer jerseys for sale for those who still believe in the strength of this team. In addition to home and away shirts from the 2013 2014 season, we also have the brand new Olympique Marseille home jersey 2014 2015 ready for the people who are eager for a fresh start next season. The older shirts are available for a special discounted price.

Olympique Marseille Football Shirt

A Traditional Style

The new Olympique Marseille football shirt bears more or less the same design as the shirt that the team wore this past season, making either jersey an apt purchase for a fan of this legacy Ligue 1 team. Both home shirts are white with blue trim, both are manufactured by Adidas, both are stitched with the Marseille football crest, and both bear the logo of team's prime sponsor Inter Sport in red and blue on the front of the shirt. In short, it's clear that Olympique Marseille did not blame the traditional design of the 2013 2014 jersey for its failures this past season.

That's not to say that the Olympique Marseille home jersey 2014 2015 is exactly the same soccer shirt as the 2013 2014 home kit. There are slight cosmetic changes made this time around, most notably with the blue trim on the shirt. Last season, the Adidas logo, the Marseille crest, the trim along the sleeves and collar, and the three Adidas stripes along the sleeves and shoulders, were laid out in a baby blue hue. On next year's jersey, those blues have been darkened and deepened, a shift that likely symbolizes the team's readiness to fight for a redemptive season.

Recent Up and Down Trends

Of course, fans are hoping for redemption from the Olympique Marseille team. Sixth place in Ligue 1 is not a bad position to be in, per se, as it keeps Marseille well out of range of relegation. Still, the team's record of only 16 wins leaves them 11 games behind league winners, Paris Saint Germain, who won 27 games this season, drew eight, and only lost three. Paris Saint Germain won the league last year as well, but then, Marseille was the runner-up, scoring 21 wins to PSG's 25.

Because of the drop from second place to sixth place, it seems like Marseille suffered a mighty fall this season, but the tumble is actually in line with the team's recent trend of on and off seasons. In the years since the Olympique Marseille football shirt was last associated with a Ligue 1 championship team (during the 2009 2010 season, when Marseille ended the season three wins ahead of every other team in the division), the Marseille team has experienced both successful seasons and trying ones.

Marseille's 2009 2010 victory was followed by a runner-up finish in 2010 2011, a season where the champion (Lille) only won 21 games and where Marseille managed second place with just 17 victories. Disaster struck the following season, when Marseille finished in 10th with a record of 12 wins, 12 draws, and 14 losses, but 2012 2013 brought another bounce back, again putting Marseille in the runner-up position.

Based on this recent trend, it seems as if Marseille is oscillating every other year between strong performances and weaker ones. If that's the case, then the Olympique Marseille home jersey 2014 2015 could well end up being the uniform of another champion or runner-up team.

Only time will tell if the "every other year" theory continues to hold for Olympique Marseille, but if you are interested in cheering for a successful Marseille campaign in 2014 2015, then head to Soccer Box today and pick up an Olympique Marseille football shirt! While you're there, take a moment to browse the other soccer gear we carry.