During the first half of the 2014 2015 Ligue 1 season, it looked as if Olympique Marseille was taking a direct route to a French championship football title. After a sixth place finish during the 2013 2014 Olympique Marseille Away Jersey 2014 - 2015season, not to mention a rocky start to this season, the Olympiens didn't look like title contenders. But then the team won eight games in a row and settled into a spot at the top of the division standings table. They held that lead until the end of 2014, to the point where even the skeptics were picking up versions of the Olympique Marseille strip and rooting for the team.

You can find both home and away versions of the team's football strip at the Soccer Box online store. The Olympique Marseille away jersey 2014 2015 is an athletic grey and blue soccer strip from Adidas. The home jersey, meanwhile, is white with blue trim. We also have the club's third jersey available, a striking black jersey with blue trim and accents. The football strip has a sleek and modern look to it that fans will love.

Olympique Marseille Kit

Out of Luck?

Regardless which Olympique Marseille strip you choose to purchase, now would be a good time to do so. The club has been struggling in 2015 so far, and some extra fan support may help to get them back to the peak level of performance they were putting forth during the fall of 2014.

Of the three Ligue 1 fixtures that the Olympiens have played so far in 2015, they've lost two of them. Both defeats, against Montpellier and Nice, have come during away fixtures. Add a third 2015 away loss-in a Coupe de France fixture against Grenoble-and it's clear that the Marseille football squad is shaking off some holiday season rust.

The question is this have the Olympiens just hit a brief rough patch that they will quickly get over? Or has the streak of good luck and momentum that fueled the first half of their 2014 2015 soccer season finally run out?

There are strong cases to be made for both arguments. On one hand, these 2015 losses somewhat mirror the slow start that Olympique had at the start of the season. After a draw with Bastia and a loss against Montpellier, Marseille were in 15th place on the Ligue 1 table. Obviously, they quickly turned that initial deficit around.

It's also worth considering that the Olympiens have had a distinctly dodgier record in the Olympique Marseille away jersey 2014 2015 than they have in the home jersey. Indeed, seven of the eight Ligue 1 fixtures that the club hasn't won this season were away games. Aside from the week-two loss against Montpellier, the Olympiens are still undefeated at home. And with home games coming up against Evian and Reims, it stands to reason that Marseille will soon return to their winning ways.


Then again, there are also reasons to believe that the wearers of the Olympique Marseille strip have hit a more serious wall in 2015. Namely, the team's loss against Nice this past weekend was shocking, considering how easily Olympique bested that team back in the fall.

Indeed, when the Olympiens played Nice at home back in late August, they achieved one of their biggest victories of the entire 2014 2015 season. With the score ending up at 4-0, Olympique Marseille truly looked like a soccer champion in the making, while Nice looked like a team that didn't even belong in the same league.

Fast-forward to January 24th, when the Olympiens donned the Olympique Marseille away jersey 2014 2015 to take on Nice once more. The outcome was distinctly different this time around, with Nice scoring the first two goals and leaving Marseille to scramble for a draw. The Olympique squad did manage to get on the board, with a 77-minute goal from Florian Thauvin, but it wasn't enough to avoid the surprising away loss.

Will the club be able to overcome their early 2015 hiccups to win a 2014 2015 Ligue 1 title? Or will their away fixture difficulties derail those chances? In any case, root for the team today with a new Olympique Marseille strip from Soccer Box. Whether you are looking for the home jersey, an away strip, or a third jersey, you can find it here.