U.S. Citta di Palermo fans got a treat on June 30th, as the Italian football club unveiled a slew of new kit designs for the 2015 2016 season. Rather than separating the launches of their various kits as other clubs have done, the Eagles opted to publicly unveil all of their new jerseys at the same time. Soccer Box already has stock available of the new Palermo kit 2015 - 2016 home and away jersey designs, while new versions of the team's third jersey and goalkeeper shirt have also been introduced.

Once again, Palermo's official jerseys come from Joma, serving their second year as the soccer club's kit manufacturer. Previously, Palermo had worked with Puma (from 2012 through last year) and Legea (from 2010 to 2012), while Lotto was the football club's kit manufacturer for the first decade of the 2000s. Joma did stunning work on the squad's uniforms last year, though, and is continuing the tradition of excellence with these new 2015 2016 soccer shirt designs.

The Home Shirt

The Palermo home shirt 2015 2016 is only a very minor departure from last year's home kit design.
Traditionally, the Eagles have been known for their distinctive pale pink home colors, and Joma crafted one of the loveliest twists we've yet seen on that tradition in 2014.

As a result, Joma seem to have taken an "if it isn't broke, don't fix it" approach to designing the new 2015 2016 home kit. The biggest change is that the 2015 2016 shirt ditches the classic polo collar of last year's shirt, opting instead for a breezier and more modern crew neck. Otherwise, the jersey remains predominantly pink and the overall design is very similar to what it was last year-albeit, with some slight changes to the black detailing on the sleeves and sides of the shirt.

The Away Kit

The Palermo away kit 2015 2016, meanwhile, is a bit more adventurous. Last year's away shirt was mostly white, but featured broad horizontal stripes of black and pink color on the chest. These stripes bisected the Palermo eagle crest, which was embossed right at the center of the football jersey and just
below the collar (which was also encircled with two-tone black and pink trim).

This year's away jersey keeps the mostly white design, as well as the two-tone collar design, but changes everything else. The eagle crest is moved to the left and over the heart, in an identical position to where it appears on the home jersey.

The broad bands of horizontal color, meanwhile, are replaced with horizontal pinstripes. Black stripes begin at the bottom of the jersey and pink stripes begin at the top, and they meet in the middle. The unique thing about the shirt is that the color distribution is different for each pinstripe, containing more pink on one side of the shirt and more black on the other. This design flourish creates a kind of staircase illusion that divides the shirt in half diagonally. It's a modern aesthetic that brings a nice twist to Palermo's kits-all while paying tribute to the club's traditional colors of pink, white, and black.

Other Jerseys

June 30th also saw the announcement of two other USC Palermo shirts, including a stunning forest green third jersey with fluorescent yellow trim, and a vibrant blue goalkeeper kit with a pale pink color. Both shirts show Joma's eye for impressive color combinations and unique soccer shirt designs, and beg the question of why more football clubs aren't working with this kit manufacturer.