This year's new Palermo soccer jersey variations, created by Joma, are now available for purchase. The new jerseys capture a lot of what has made the team's jerseys special for many years, including the black and pink color scheme that has so long been a Palermo trademark.

The new Palermo jerseys are now available for purchase from Soccer Box, where you can get your hands on either the Palermo home shirt - a gorgeous pink shirt with black trim - or the Palermo away shirt 2014 2015 - a white jersey with black and pink striping and trim.

Palermo Soccer Jersey

Palermo Kit History

Both jerseys pay tribute to the legacy of the Palermo soccer jersey that has persisted for many years now. Today, Palermo may not be a team that wins a lot of titles or comes in near the top of Italy's Serie A division, but Palermo is a team with a kit that no one forgets. The light pink color has become synonymous with the club, just as blue has become a part of the Chelsea football club image.

However, while pink and black are important components of both the Palermo home shirt and the Palermo away shirt 2014 2015, those colors have actually not always been the bread and butter of the Palermo football shirts.

That's right, there was a time when the Palermo football kit bore absolutely no resemblance to what it is now. When the club was first founded in 1898, the players wore red and blue as their team colors. However, as still remains true today, there were many other teams wearing some variation of red, white, and blue as their kit colors. Palermo was not unique and could no stand out from the crowd.

The Change to Pink

Palermo did not change its kit colors to today's iconic black and pink mix until almost a decade after the club came to be. In February of 1907, the kit colors that are standard on today's Palermo jerseys, including the brand-new Palermo away shirt 2014 2015, were officially chosen to replace the red and blue of the club's early uniforms.

While it took until February 1907 for Palermo to switch up the colors on its jerseys and set its players apart from the many other clubs wearing red and blue, the idea of doing so had actually been proposed two years earlier.

In February 1905, Giuseppe Airoldi - a founding member of the club and a wealthy Count with substantial influence - penned a letter to Joseph Whitaker, Palermo's Club Councilor, encouraging a change of colors. Legend has it that Airoldi saw "sadness" and "sweetness" in the black and pink and thought that the colors would therefore be perfectly representative of the ever-shifting fortunes of the Palermo football club.

Shifting Fortunes

Palermo has held fast to the pink and black kit colors more or less ever since, and the club's shifting fortunes have continued to oscillate between "sadness" and "sweetness" as well.

Indeed, Palermo has climbed up the ladder of Italian professional football many times, as well as fallen back down. The club has numerous championship titles in Serie B, Serie C, Serie C1, and Serie C2. Just last year, Palermo won the Serie B title, earning promotion back up into Serie A.

Even with all of these championship titles, though, Palermo has never won the Serie A division. The club has also never clinched the Coppa Italia, though Palermo squads have been runners up at the latter event on three occasions.

Clearly, then, Palermo isn't a hopeless case. The soccer sweetness inherent in the club's pink shirts has been teased time and time again, but then again, so has the sadness. Perhaps the club is just paying its dues until it can finally win that long sought after Serie A title.

Is this the year that the sweetness wins out and puts Palermo at the top of Italian football? Only time will tell, but you can support the club on its Serie A campaign by purchasing a brand new Palermo soccer jersey from Soccer Box!