1. Predicting the 2018 World Cup CONMEBOL Qualifiers

    Compared to the massive qualifying competitions that UEFA and AFC use to determine which countries will and will not get to send teams to the World Cup, the CONMEBOL qualifiers are downright simplistic. Featuring just 10 teams who play each other in a round robin series of home and away matches, the 2018 World Cup CONMEBOL qualifiers don't involve any complicated group stage calculations or multi-round qualification steps. Instead, each team plays 18 matches apiece, and the four or five at the top of the standings when those are done get to participate in FIFA's global football tournament.

    Still, while the CONMEBOL qualifiers look simple on paper, South American football teams actually have to play more matches apiece than any UEFA countries do. As a result, CONMEBOL qualifiers for the 2018 World Cup will begin relatively soon-October 2015, versus the UEFA start date of September 2016. So what does the schedule look like for the first matches? And which teams should be expected to

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  2. Copa America 2015 Group B: Our Predictions

    Lionel Messi is widely considered the greatest living football player, and arguably the greatest of all time. Yet despite his seemingly limitless skill and his long list of awards, superlatives, and titles, the 27-year-Copa America 2015 Group B Teamsold soccer star has yet to lead his home country to a victory at the Copa America. This year, the Argentine star and team captain will look to change that fact with a strong run at the Copa America 2015. The event, which will commence in Chile this Thursday, June 11th, will be the first incarnation of the tournament since Argentina lost at home in 2011. Argentina is in Copa America 2015 Group B, we take a look at their group stage competition.

    The Copa America 2011 was a heartily disappointing competition for Argentina football fans. With the event actually taking place in Argentina,

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  3. Paraguay Aims for First Copa America Victory Since 1979

    Could the Paraguay national football team have what it takes to win the 2015 Copa America? The last time the country won the prestigious South and Central American tournament, it was the end of the Paraguay Home Shirt 2015 - 20161970s. However, the White and Red did finish as runner-up at the 2011 incarnation of the event, which means they certainly can't be written off as potential contenders this year. Root for the team today with a brand new Paraguay soccer jersey, available at Soccer Box.

    When we say "brand new" in this context, we truly mean "brand new." We've just received stock of the new Paraguay home shirt 2015 2016 from Adidas. The jersey, a beautiful home shirt with white and red vertical striping and slight V-neck, is the shirt that Paraguayan players will wear at this summer's Copa event. Get your hands on the football jersey

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