The Paris Saint Germain football shirt 2014 2015 doesn't mark a huge departure from the design that the team's home shirt PSG Kids Home Kit 2014 - 2015boasted last year. After all, both soccer shirts were made by Nike, both are navy blue with splashes of white and red to complete the PSG color scheme, and both include Paris Saint Germain's iconic Eiffel Tower crest.

But there are differences evident in the PSG home shirt this year. This year's jersey has a V-neck design, unlike last season's crew neck design, and the "splashes of white and red" mentioned above appear in the form of narrow vertical stripes running down the center of the shirt, instead of as big boxes of color above and below the logo of kit sponsor, Fly Emirates. These differences are perfectly displayed in the new PSG kids home kit 2014 2015, which can be purchased from the Soccer Box online store now.

Golden Age 

So what is the reason for the slight but notable redesigns to the Paris Saint Germain football shirt 2014 2015? After all, PSG at this point could easily institute an "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" policy toward everything from shirt design to squad line-up.

Indeed, whatever the PSG club has been doing for the past few years has been working. After victories in Ligue 1 during the 2012 2013 and 2013 2014 seasons, Paris Saint Germain will be shooting for its third-straight French national championship this season. Coupled with recent wins of the Coupe de la Ligue and the Trophee des Champions, it's clear that PSG is one modern soccer team that is currently experiencing its golden age.

New Hopes for the PSG Jersey

However, as fans will see from the redesigns of the PSG kids home kit 2014 2015 and the other jerseys in the PSG wardrobe, Paris Saint Germain is not satisfied or complacent with its recent successes. On the contrary, PSG wants to win even higher honors and gain even more respect from the soccer community, and that means winning international trophies throughout Europe.

One of the hopes for the new Paris Saint Germain football shirt 2014 2015 is undoubtedly that the shirt will mark PSG's most successful run yet at the UEFA Champions League. French clubs aren't generally known to win European trophies, particularly the Champions League, which has traditionally been dominated by clubs from Spain, England, and Italy.

The French Disadvantage

Indeed, only one French club has ever won the Champions League: Marseille, back in 1992. Another three French clubs have made it to the finals, but Paris Saint Germain is not one of them. Those clubs are Stade de Reims, Saint Etienne, and AS Monaco. Monaco was the most recent French contender in 2004.

Even with this French disadvantage though, the hopes symbolized by the PSG kids home kit 2014 2015 and the other new PSG jerseys remain the same. This is a club that is ambitious to translate its French national championship wins into international glory.

The Group Stage Draw

In order to truly contend for the Champions League though, Paris Saint Germain will have to face a difficult group stage draw. This year, PSG has been drawn into Champions League Group F, which also includes Barcelona, Ajax, and APOEL. The top two teams will advance to the later rounds of the tournament.

This means that in order to reach the knockout stage, PSG will have to best at least two of the teams in Group F, if not all three. The harshest competition will likely come from Barcelona, a club that has won the Champions League on four occasions three of them in the past 10 years.

PSG will have a much easier time with APOEL, a Greek club and the top team in Greece's Cypriot First Division. The question mark is Ajax, the top team from the Dutch Eredivisie and another four-time Champions League victor. The difference between Barcelona and Ajax is that the latter has not won a Champions League title since the mid-1990s, making them more vulnerable to an up-and-coming squad like PSG.

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