Since first donning the Juventus jersey back in 2012, Paul Pogba has had three strong seasons in a row. With 122 appearances and 23 goals scored, the 22-year-old French midfielder has impressive statistics at Juve, and has to be considered one of the most promising young players in the game. He's so promising, in fact, that Paul Pogba transfer rumors are an almost daily news item. Pogba is likely reaching the prime of his career, and a number of other clubs throughout Europe might be interested in paying handsomely to tap into those prime years.

A Strong Season at Juventus

Not that Juventus is going to let Pogba go easily. The young French star has been a strong factor in the club's Italian Serie A victories over the past three years. (Juventus will claim their fourth consecutive Serie A trophy at the end of the month.)

Paul Pogba's season at Juventus has been even more impressive, given the fact that he will have missed two months of it when the Zebras hoist the 2014 2015 Serie A trophy at the end of May. In the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League, during an away match at Borussia Dortmund, Pogba was taken off the soccer pitch with a hamstring injury.

The injury subsequently sidelined Paul for two months, and he won't be cleared to play again until May 19th at the earliest. Pogba could see some play time before the summer break in the final week of Serie A play, as well as the Champions League final. Pogba himself is likely to ignore all transfer rumours until the final matches of the current season have been played.

Transfer Rumours

With the 2014 2015 season all but over, the conversation about Paul Pogba has shifted from his superlative performances to his transfer prospects for the summer. Will this talented French midfielder trade the Juventus jersey for a different team shirt this summer? Or will he stick around in Italy as the Zebras gun for a fifth straight Serie A soccer title next year?

Already, there are several football clubs competing with one another to sign Paul Pogba. FC Barcelona are one of the big prospects. Neymar has gone on record praising Paul's play style, and has said that the 22-year-old "would do well at Barcelona" and that Camp Nou "would open the gates for him."

Evidently, Neymar isn't just talking. Barcelona made a £58 million bid offer to Juventus for Pogba, but the offer was rejected. Rumor has it that the Zebras are looking for £60 million or more from any soccer club hoping to sign Paul. And if no club meets that number, Juventus will surely be fine with keeping the young French football star for another year or two.

Still, with numerous wealthy Premier League clubs also showing interest in signing Pogba, it's unlikely that the bid won't cross the £60m line. England's top two clubs-Chelsea and Manchester City-are both reportedly considering bids for the 22-year-old midfielder.

Manchester United, meanwhile-where Pogba started his senior career in 2011, after coming up through the football club's youth program-might also be looking to re-sign the young talent. Man United didn't use Paul much while he was there, only giving him seven appearances. The French footballer ultimately traded the Red Devils jersey for the Juventus shirt-and quickly became a star upon reaching Italy. Now, United want to correct their mistake by bringing Pogba back to England for a second run.

How much longer will the Paul Pogba transfer rumours be circulating, and where will he end up when all the dust settles? Will he remain in Italy to don the Zebra-striped home shirt once more? Or will he make a return to the English Premier League for what promise to be his peak years? Only time will tell, but you can celebrate his legacy today with a new Juventus home shirt from Soccer Box!