Poland Home Shirt 2014 - 2015You probably haven't seen the Poland football kit much during this summer's World Cup action in Brazil. That's because the Poland national football team failed to qualify for world soccer's biggest event. Now, the team has turned its attention toward another one of soccer's biggest events: the 2016 UEFA European Championships.

While qualification for Euro 2016 won't commence until this September, after all of world soccer's teams have returned from the World Cup and had some resting time, Soccer Box already has stock available of the Poland home shirt 2014 2015. The kit will be the uniform that Poland's football players wear during much of the Euro 2016 qualifying matches this fall and throughout next year. It's a stunning Nike jersey with a long and bold vertical red stripe running down the center. Fans of Poland will love the shirt, and will immediately be hoping that it gets ample international exposure. After all, a kit that looks this good deserves to be worn.

Assessing the Flaws of the Poland 2014 World Cup Campaign

If Poland is going to manage qualification for Euro 2016, though, the team is going to need to go back to the drawing board and determine precisely what went wrong during the qualifying rounds for the 2014 World Cup.

On paper, it looks as if the Poland football kit took quite a beating during the UEFA World Cup qualifiers. In a group of six teams, Poland finished in fourth place. However, looking at what actually transpired in Group H, it's clear that Poland is a more talented team than the standings made them out to be.

Looking at the statistics from Group H, it's clear that Poland's biggest skill likes in the team's defensive capabilities. With 18 goals scored throughout the group stage, Poland couldn't compete with high-scoring juggernauts like England (31 goals) or the Ukraine (28 goals).

However, Poland's "goals conceded" tally of 12 is notably less than the other also-rans of Group H (Montenegro and Moldova, with 17 goals conceded apiece, and San Marino, with an embarrassing count of 54 goals allowed). Sure, England and the Ukraine were both only scored against four times during the group stage, but it's clear from Group H stats that the best strategy the wearers of the Poland home shirt 2014 2015 have of forcing a Euro 2016 qualification is simply never allowing anyone else to put the soccer ball in the goal.

That strategy almost worked for the World Cup. Poland held its own in the group, never losing a match by more than two goals, and even managing to draw a match with England. A final Group H record of 3 wins, 4 draws, and 3 losses wasn't good enough for qualification, but it showed that Poland was a team with promise.

Looking Forward to Euro 2016

Now, the Polish players will try to live up to the promise of the Poland football kit. The team will face an entirely different set of competitors in UEFA Qualifying Group D, which includes Germany, Ireland, Scotland, Georgia, and Gibraltar.

Most soccer analysts are predicting that Poland will finish in third place in the group, with Germany and Ireland topping the table. If that's the case, then Poland will advance to a playoff to fight for participation in the Euro 2016 finals.

If Poland can double down on defense and improve its offense, though, then it's possible that the Poland home shirt 2014 2015 could come out on top of the Ireland jersey in Group D. Such a group result would earn Poland automatic qualification for the European Championships, and will be what most fans are hoping for. A win against Germany, meanwhile, seems highly unlikely.

Do you think Poland has what it takes to beat Ireland and qualify for Euro 2016 outright? Or do you expect the Polish team will be headed to the playoffs to fight tooth and nail for a position in the finals? Only time will tell, but come September 7, when Poland plays its first Euro 2016 qualifying match, against Gibraltar, you will want to be ready with a Poland football kit to cheer the team on!