The Poland national football team is only halfway through the qualifiers for the 2016 UEFA European Championship. Poland Home Shirt 2014 - 2015However, based on how well the team has performed throughout the latter part of 2014, their chances of scoring a third consecutive Euro qualification are looking very good. Celebrate the nation's successful 2014 run and get ready for their 2015 fixtures with a new Poland football shirt, available at Soccer Box.

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Taking Down a Titan

Both kits have served the Poland national side well throughout 2014. While the team didn't get to participate in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, they got the next best thing: beating the World Cup champion in the qualifiers for the 2016 European Championship!

That's right: the Poles took down the all-powerful German squad this year. On October 11th, the two countries faced one another, with Poland's home venue-the National Stadium in Warsaw-serving as the battleground.

Germany was favored heavily to win the fixture, given their recent global soccer glory. The wearers of the Poland football shirt weren't going to give up easily, though, and ended up thrilling their home audience with an upset victory. Not only did the Poles take down a titan, but they shut Germany out.

Indeed, when the dust settled on Warsaw's National Stadium, the score was 2-0, with Poland's Milik and Mila delivering both goals in the second half. It was the only competitive match that Germany lost all year, and fans in the Poland home shirt 2014 2015 were ecstatic that their soccer team had been responsible for it.

A Good Run

That triumphant home victory against the Germans wasn't the only fantastic football display that the Polish side had in 2014.

On the contrary, the nation's first game in Euro qualifying Group D was an away match against Gibraltar that turned into a 7-0 blowout win. With four goals from Robert Lewandowski, two from Kamil Grosicki, and one from Lukasz Szukala, the victory gave ample reason to be proud of wearing the 2014 2015 Poland football shirt.

The Polish squad's third game in Group D wasn't quite as successful, a home fixture against Scotland that ended with a 2-2 draw. However, the soccer team bounced back with their last match of 2014, beating Georgia 4-0 in a dominant away performance.

Looking Forward

The Georgia match, played on November 14th, was Poland's last competitive fixture of 2014. Although a friendly home fixture-against Switzerland-took place on November 18th, Poland's football players won't return to Euro qualification play until March. The match, an away fixture against Ireland, is scheduled for March 29th.

In the meantime, the wearers of the Poland home shirt 2014 2015 can simply enjoy their position at the top of Group D. With three wins and one draw, the Polish side is three points ahead in the standings. Ireland, Germany, and Scotland are all trailing-each with a record of two wins, one draw, and one loss. Georgia and Gibraltar, meanwhile, are more or less out of contention.

Poland is even in the lead in terms of goal difference. With 15 goals scored in the four qualification matches played so far, and only two goals allowed, the Poles top the table with a GD rating of +13. Ireland has the edge on the rest of the pack, with a goal difference of +7. The Germans, meanwhile, would finish in third place if qualification ended today, thanks to a surprisingly low goal difference of +3.

Will this strong run of success continue into 2015 for the Polish football squad? Support the team by picking up a brand new Poland football shirt at Soccer Box. We have both home and away versions of the shirt available.