The Poland national soccer team is one of the most renowned in Europe, but unfortunately they won't be heading for the FIFA World Cup this year. However, fans of the Polish national team know that there is more to love about their favorite team than just the World Cup! They still wear their Poland soccer jerseys with pride, even as they are left out of this year's big dance.

Poland Home Jersey 2014 - 2015

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A Look Back at the Polish National Team

Poland has seen a measure of international success in its nearly hundred-year history. Though they may have lost their first international match to Hungary, they went on to redeem themselves in a legendary rematch just before the outbreak of World War II.  This victory, however small, was their first step towards becoming the team they are today. But once things began to warm up for the Polish team they began an upswing that saw them to Olympic gold.

The Summer Olympics of 1972 was a very important time for this young international team. With a squad of only amateur players the Polish national team managed to secure a gold medal in football. Elder fans of the Polish football team still relish the day they saw their team win Olympic gold, so show your support for this winning team with a Poland home jersey 2014 - 2015.

Since then, Poland has been involved in a number of storied football moments, such as their draw of England at Wembley in the qualifying rounds of the 1974 World Cup where they went on to finish in 3rd place. And who could forget their huge 10-0 win over San Marino in 2009? It's clear that fans of the Polish national team have plenty to be proud of, even today.

Poland's Football Future

Poland's qualifying round for the 2014 FIFA World Cup was one of their worst on record. A series of draws and losses sent Poland reeling, with fans undoubtedly displeased with their performance in recent matches. But with a new year comes a new hope for fans of The White Eagles.

FIFA has recently chosen Poland as the site of its nationwide grassroots education program designed to identify and cultivate young football talent in local communities. Dubbed "The FIFA Goal Program", officials have added Poland to she short list of nations looking to raise more new players. Polish fans and players alike are excited to take part in this new program, which they hope can help put their team back on the map of international football.

Team Poland Fashion 

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